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Which Sennheiser Wireless System?

Which Sennheiser Wireless System? With so many professional microphone systems on the market it’s difficult to know which Sennheiser system is best suited to your application. Here we look at the range of Sennheiser Wireless products with their individual ‘feature set’, enabling you to make a more informed decision.

Sennheiser G4 Analogue Systems

G4 offers the highest amount of flexibility for all possible applications. Live Sound, In-Ear Monitoring, portable solutions for ENG and professional film productions. G4 addresses the broad base of the wireless market that relies on analogue transmission in the professional UHF band. G4 benefits from sixty years of expertise in analogue wireless design, bringing its users a maximum of features, reliability and user-friendliness. G4 is fully compatible with all G1, G2 and G3 systems, ensuring investments continue to be viable and pay off well into the future. With many user-driven improvements and new features, G4 will continue this legacy.

100 series – Easy to operate pro wireless | For those who sing, speak or play instruments

  • Fast frequency allocation for up to 12 receivers via new linking functionality

  • Up to 20 compatible channels

  • Up to 42 MHz bandwidth with 1680 selectable frequencies

  • LCD display

  • High RF output power (up to 30 mW)

Sennheiser EW100.

300 series – Corporate, Education, Hospitality, Government | Best choice for your business, top of the class in education

  • Integrated network port allows control, monitoring and setup via Sennheiser Control Cockpit and WSM Software

  • Up to 88 MHz bandwidth, up to 32 channels

  • Increased RF output power (10/30/50 mW)

  • RC (remote control) switch available for the bodypack transmitter

  • Broad range of products and existing accessories (such as microphones) allows usage in any kind of environment

Sennheiser EW300.

500 series – Multi-Channel Setups | The pro’s choice

  • Full-metal housing with intuitive OLED display for full control

  • Up to 32 compatible channels

  • Up to 88 MHz bandwidth with 3520 selectable frequencies

  • Ethernet connection for Wireless Systems Manager (WSM) control software for advanced frequency coordination in multi-channel setups

  • High RF output power (up to 50 mW, adjustable in three steps 10/30/50)

Sennheiser EW500.

Sennheiser EW-D Digital Systems

Evolution Wireless Digital raises the bar by providing the highest dynamic range of any wireless system currently on the market, utilizing advanced features that simplify your setup and guarantee the most reliable connection. Maximize efficiency by taking full control with the Sennheiser Smart Assist app and automatically coordinate frequencies with ease. Automatically securing the most reliable signal in a matter of seconds, it’s easy to see why this wireless system is in a class of its own. Evolution Wireless Digital features an equidistant tuning grid previously only found in the flagship Digital 6000 and Digital 9000 wireless systems.

EW-D – Simple Set Up | For wireless beginners and seasoned professionals alike

Digital transmission operating in the UHF spectrum greatly enhances range, reliability and scalability. Increased bandwidth and the lowest latency of any digital wireless system currently available make Evolution Wireless Digital the most powerful tool for those who put quality and performance above all else. Elimination of intermodulation enables channels to be placed in an equidistant tuning grid 600 kHz apart.

  • 134 dB audio dynamic

  • Equidistant spacing

  • App control & BLE access/ sync

  • 1.9 ms latency

  • 10 mW for over 328 ft of range

  • Up to 12 hours operation

  • 90 channels per band

  • 56MHz bandwidth

  • Single Channel Receiver

Sennheiser EW-D Digital Systems.

EW-DX – Professional Choice | Education, Corporate, Performers, Houses of Worship, Rental Houses, Theatres, Broadcast Studios

Applications: Presentations/ Lectures, Meetings/ Conferences, Live Sound 

Focus less on the wireless and more on the audio. Sennheiser EW-DX simplifies your professional workflow by utilizing refined technologies and decades of expertise to deliver a digital UHF system that can be scaled with ease. Multiple hardware and software options create networkable solutions for nearly any stage or campus, while equidistant channel spacing, auto scan, and Bluetooth® Low Energy sync automatically coordinate and set frequencies with the push of a button. Monitor your devices from a distance—even from your pocket—with tools like Sennheiser Control Cockpit, Wireless Systems Manager, and the Smart Assist app. The future of wireless is here.

  • 134 dB audio dynamic

  • Equidistant spacing

  • App control & BLE access/ sync

  • 1.9 ms latency

  • 10 mW for over 328 ft of range

  • Up to 12 hours operation

  • 146 channels per band (293 channel in Link Density mode)

  • Up to 88 MHz bandwidth

  • 2 channel and 4 channel receivers

  • AES-256 Encryption

  • Networking

  • Dante options

Sennheiser EW-DX.

Digital 6000 – No intermodulation. More channels. More performance for your business.

For any stage size and every production

The system has intermodulation-free operation with an equidistant frequency grid, allowing reliable incorporation of transmission paths even in overcrowded or very narrow frequency ranges. The legendary long-range mode (LR mode) guarantees unrivalled quality. The new Link Density mode (LD mode) doubles the number of possible channels.

The range’s own transmitters are designed for any application on stages or in the field of broadcasting. There is a choice of the bodypack SK 6000, the mini-bodypack SK 6212 and the handheld transmitter SKM 6000. Over and above this, the series is compatible with the Digital 9000 series and the camera receiver EK 6042 (LR mode only).

  • 244 MHz switching bandwidth

  • Compact, ultralight SK 6212 bodypack, resistant to moisture and sweat

  • Legendary Long Range mode (LR) with proprietary audio codec (SeDAC) from the masterpiece Digital 9000

  • Link Density Mode (LD mode) with efficiency-optimized Audio Codec (SePAC) ensures up to 5 channels per MHz bandwidth

  • Equidistant frequency grid for maximum channel density and simplest setup

  • 32 superior quality RF pre-selection filters for optimal suppression of interference signals at antenna input

  • Error correction and audio error masking

  • AES-256 encryption

  • Integrated antenna splitter for cascading of up to 8 systems

  • Wireless Systems Manager (WSM) compatible

  • Dante options

Sennheiser EM6000.
Sennheiser SK6000.

Sectors & Applications. Where is Sennheiser used?

Today Sennheiser’s range of products are used by Bands, Studios, Clubs, Venues, Rental Companies and Installers across the world. It’s used in the Live Sound, Pro Audio, Recording & Broadcasting sectors.

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