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What is a Media Server?

What is a Media Server? Green Hippo goes into detail on all things ‘Media Server’ with various suggestions, applications and solutions.

What is a Media Server?

Hippotizer has always been the ‘pocket knife’ of media servers; solving lots of problems with a single solution. Offering designers the tools to plan, manage and manipulate complex video projects. Deliver on the fly changes or planned sequences with Hippotizer’s real time composition engine, enabling you to realize your vision faster.

A Media Server is used for real-time manipulation and control of Video content. The content can be used for projectors, displays, LED screens or fixtures. Used in conjunction with capture and processing products, Media Servers are solutions for playback and 3D mapping.

Green Hippo Media Servers

Media Servers – Solutions

Hippotizer products have been used on many different projects ranging from elegant high resolution displays to multi-arena tours. They’re used as solutions in the following sectors:

  • Casinos

  • Corporate Events

  • Education

  • Event Projection Mapping

  • Fixed Installation

  • Houses of Worship

  • Live Events

  • Rental & Staging

  • Stadium & Arenas

Green Hippo Media Servers give you flexibility when you need it most and enable you to create eye-catching displays with engaging content. The Hippotizers are intuitive and used for long term installations or mobile events with the built in 3D visualizer and extensive mapping capabilities. You can work offline with the Visualizer for programme changes and updates.

Every aspect of the Hippotizer is designed for speed enabling you to feel confident about changes to line-up or screens. Using the network based ZooKeeper interface allows any PC on the network to take control of the Hippotizer Media Server so you can work from a laptop at FOH. See more of the Hippotizer features here.

Media Server preparation.


Upload and collaborate on media, present your ideas before programming, and understand your environment before you go to site. The next step in collaborative manipulation and playback.

Set the projector location, target brightness and pixel density in SHAPE and use this tool to pick the projector model, number of projectors and the lenses required to create stunning mappings.

With a seamless integration between Cinema4D and SHAPE, collaborating on 3D projects has never been easier. Get ahead and share your findings with your clients and save time by using SHAPE to create visuals to show and explain the set up and requirements for your environment. Creating a complete visual experience is a combination of content, messaging, and control. Immersive LED, architectural lighting, 3D projection mapping and 8K+ content must combine for both one-off shows and long-term, reliable installations.


Hippotizer’s familiar layer composition system makes mixing clips and live capture sources fast and intuitive and with a variety of live capture options.


Hippotizer’s flexible structure makes outputting to any LED wall, projection or pixelmap fast and efficient.


All Hippotizer products include an easy to use, feature-rich media management system and built in FX engines that allows users to manage and manipulate their content locally or remotely.


Hippotizer offers real-time control of any attribute. Design your system with flexibility using REST API, the ZooKeeper interface or with an external controller via DMX, MIDI, Stream Deck, OSC, Art-Net, or MANet.

If you’re looking to improve your video production skills, HippoSchool Online Training may be just what you need.
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