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The World of Digital Mixing Consoles

The World of Digital Mixing Consoles

So what’s popular at the moment in the world of digital mixing consoles? Here, Steve gives us an insight into the Digital Mixers of the moment.

Allen & Heath SQ-5

When it comes to small compact digital mixers the Allen & Heath SQ-5 continues to be extremely popular with professional uses in both the corporate and events world. The audio quality, processing power and the fact that the SQ-5 is 19” rack-mount width but capable of processing 48 channels make it a win win console!

Allen & Heath SQ Connectivity
Midas M32 Live

Despite being on the market for many years now, the Midas M32R LIVE console continues to be extremely popular too. Its straightforward “analogue style” layout appeals to many users plus there are so many Midas M32 and M32R consoles out working hard in the field more or less every freelance engineer knows how to use them. This makes the console a great choice for venues that have a lot of travelling engineers in!

The brilliance of the M32 is its simplicity and workflow.
Allen & Heath Avantis

The demands of the theatre world or festival-style gigs often dictate a need for a greater feature set and larger work surface than the smaller digital consoles offer. However, budgets don’t always allow for a touring-grade console. Allen & Heath’s stunning Avantis solves this issue and more! The larger Avantis offers up to 64 input channels, two gorgeous looking 15.6” full HD capacitive touchscreens and many Pro-Grade features at a very affordable price point for a console of this class! The Avantis is now becoming a go-to for both theatres and live events companies with the Avantis Solo beginning to turn heads.

Midas HD96

For larger scale and mission-critical events where compromises can’t be made, the flagship HD96 console from Midas is simply stunning! It is arguably one of the best-sounding digital consoles ever developed. The HD96 offers 144 input channels, 123 Mix Busses and up to 96 effects.

The console also sports an amazing 21” touchscreen display. Possibly one of the best-looking displays you’ll ever see on a digital console.

Allen & Heath dLive

Another great choice for larger scale or pro-end events Allen & Heath dLive series. The dLive range has been out in the field for around 8 years or so now and continues to grow in popularity. A stunning feature set and great work flow makes dLive a highly requested console!

Where to start with Digital Mixing Consoles
Yamaha DM3

New to the scene is Yamaha’s new range of DM series digital mixers. The new DM3 is the ultimate in super compact yet capable digital mixers. With a footprint not much bigger than an A4 sheet of paper this compact powerhouse is full of pro-features and sure to be a big hit for smaller corporate events etc.

Yamaha DM3 Digital Mixer
Yamaha DM7

The Yamaha DM7 range of high-end digital consoles is guaranteed to make waves. The DM7 is a 120-channel console with 48 mix busses, 32 local analogue inputs and 28 faders. The DM7C COMPACT can process 72 channels with 16 faders and local inputs.

Both the DM7 and DM7C feature immense processing power with powerful channel strips and an extensive suite of plug-ins and new effects to accommodate a wide range of applications. An innovative DM7 Control expansion controller and be purchased separately which “bolts on” a DM7 console adding extra functionality and tactile controls.

Yamaha DM7
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