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Allen & Heath dLive Mixer V1.9 Upgrade

Unlock the full potential of your Allen & Heath dLive mixer with these expert tips and tricks. Elevate your live sound experience with the introduction to the V1.9 upgrade.

Are you looking to take your live sound experience to the next level with your Allen & Heath dLive mixer? Look no further than these expert tips and tricks to unlock the full potential of your equipment and elevate your sound quality. From optimizing your settings to utilizing advanced features, you’ll be able to achieve the perfect mix for any performance.

Utilize the Built-In Effects and Processing.

One of the key features of the Allen & Heath dLive mixer is its built-in effects and processing capabilities. From EQ and compression to reverb and delay, these tools can help you achieve the perfect sound for any performance. Take the time to experiment with different settings and effects to find the perfect combination for your mix. And don’t be afraid to get creative – the dLive mixer offers a wide range of unique and innovative effects that can help you stand out from the crowd.

Mike Bangs - dLive Basics 10 - Input Channel Processing Overview
Mike Bangs - dLive Basics 12 - Input Processing - PEQ and Compressor Overview

What’s new in V1.9?

RTA: The Next Generation.

  • 61-band bar or line RTA display

  • Sonogram with 5m, 15m and 60m history views and Subtract mode

  • Dual RTA and sonogram view – compare LR mix and measurement mic

  • Adjustable scale and ballistics, freeze and peak hold options

  • Channel locked or follow Sel/PAFL

  • Also viewable on:

    • PEQ / NEQ screen (overlay)

    • South Area widget

    • External screen

Source Expander – Industry standard source expansion and enhancement. 

  • Reduce bleed and increase gain-before-feedback

  • Enhance vocal performances

  • Clean up drum channels without losing ambience

  • Minimise the risk of feedback during live performances

  • Simple two-knob control for “set and forget” operation

  • Three speed settings

Dual threshold Expander – The ultimate expansion processor.

  • Take control of even the most challenging stage acoustics

  • Prevent chattering during dynamic performances

  • Attack/Release controls, switchable between exponential or linear dB per second ballistics

  • Upper and lower threshold controls for precision expansion

Bus Compressor. Glues your mix together.

  • Inspired by a legendary VCA bus compressor

  • Delivers unrivalled sonic cohesion on LR and sub-mixes

  • Minimise pumping with sidechain filter controls

NEQ12. Sculpt your mixes, with precision. 

  • Swap any GEQ for NEQ

  • Perfect for crafting IEM mixes

  • Available on all Mix channels

  • 12 band parametric with RTA overlay

  • Selectable Low/Hi Pass Filters

 Sennheiser Wireless Integration. 

  • Native monitoring and control of Sennheiser wireless systems

 Gain Sharing. Gain sharing across two dLive systems. 

  • Ideal for FOH/MON splits between two MixRacks

  • Compatible with gigaACE and fibreACE links between MixRacks

 LCR+. Increased control over LCR setups.

  • Easily blend C into LR with Divergence control

  • Increase clarity of centre-panned signals in theatre and other LCR applications

  • Divergence control assignable to channel rotary for tactile operation

Introducing dLive V1.9
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