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Tourflex Datasafe

With today's lighting systems featuring an increasing number of automated fixtures and control channels, it's more critical than ever to use the best possible data cable available to avoid the risk of potential technical faults.

Tourflex Datasafe cables are manufactured and tested to exacting specifications to ensure high performance and consistency. This includes factory testing for Hipot, continuity, impedance and capacitance, ensuring that you won't find a better data cable to be the critical link for your show.

The sleeving of all Tourflex Datasafe cables contains a propriety compound that gives the cable a unique flame retardant quality. This compound also toughens the jacket, giving the cable better resistance to damage caused by everyday use. Tourflex Datasafe DMX cables are also backwardly compatible with all DMX512 control protocol variations, giving you complete peace of mind whatever your lighting rig consists of.

Datasafe Ultra

The non-stick, low memory handling characteristics of the Datasafe Ultra cables range makes it ideal for productions and temporary touring applications.

Datasafe 4B

For permanent installations or where ventilation is limited, the Datasafe 4B DMX cable features a low smoke, zero halogen jacket insulated up to 1000V. The cable offers even greater heat resistance, a reduction in hazardous fumes and a reduction in corrosive chemicals that can cause damage to electronics in the event of a fire.

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