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Datapath X4 Video Wall Controller 1U Rack Mount Version

Product Code DADATAPATHX4-1U
Manufacturer Datapath

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The Datapath X4 is a stand alone display wall controller that accepts a standard single or dual-link DVI input and can flexibly display this across four output monitors.

Each output can be driven as DVI or analog RGB, and can represent an arbitary crop region of the original input image. The output resolution and frame rate does not need to be related to that of the input, as the Datapath x4 will optionally upscale and frame rate convert each cropped region independently. This upgraded rack mount version has an "Output Framelock" button to setup the unit with all four outputs set to exactly the same timings, providing smooth and clear video.

Key Features

  • Supports full bezel width and height correction for all types of displays
  • Ideal for use with edge blending projectors - supports image overlapping
  • Splits a Dual-Link DVI, Single-Link DVI or HDMI* input (* HDMI input requires the optional DVI/ HDMI adapter)
  • The input EDID is programmable to allow arbitary input resolutions and frame rates
  • Flexibly drives multi-displays, each from any selected region of the input image
  • Supports both DVI and analog RGB output monitors
  • Stand alone operation supports auto-detecting of input resolution and output monitor native resolutions. Output screen configuration is defined by internal non-volatile memory
  • Output configuration is programmable via a USB connection to a PC. Graphical utility allows easy control of cropping, scaling, rotation and gaps
  • Available in two unit sizes
  • Datapath x4-1U has an "Output Framelock" button to setup the unit with all four outputs set to exactly the same timings, providing smooth and clear video


Dimensions 438 x 172 x 40mm (W x L x H)
Outputs 4 x Single Link DVI or Analog RGB outputs: To 165 pixels
Firmware Support Updates supported vis USB
USB 2.0 Full Speed (12 bit/s) operation supported
Input Surface 4k x 4k maximum
Output Screens Resolutions Up to 2.5 Mpixel (maximum 2048 pixels in either directions)
1 x Dual-Link DVI capture To 330 Mpixel/s
Arbitrary Up Scaling 64 x original surface area
Operating Temperature 0-35 Deg ° C / 32-96 Deg F
Power Requirements 5V DC, 18W
Cooling Internal cooling fan, The X4-1U has a larger fan, producing less noise
Warranty 3 years


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