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LynxTechnik yellobrik Analogue Sync/Video To Fibre Optic Receiver - Multimode (LC Connectors)

Product Code LYORX1702MM
Manufacturer LynxTechnik

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Using the same basic module we provide four versions suitable for LC, ST or SC singlemode fibre connections, as well as a version for multimode fibre. Each version has a different SFP installed.

The ORX 1702 is a compact analogue sync or NTSC/PAL composite video to fibre optic receiver. This device is specifically designed to combat the restrictions involved with the distribution of broadcast quality analogue reference and composite video signals over long distances.

When paired with the fibre optic transmitter OTX 1712 you have a very cost-effective optical transmission system for analogue sync reference signals or NTSC/PAL composite video. This device is particularly useful for reference sync distribution between remote installations to maintain correct synchronization.

Unlike other very basic analogue to fibre conversion solutions, the ORX 1702 incorporates technology to maintain a very high degree of sync and burst phase stability during the fibre reception and analogue conversion.

The module receives an SDI signal (including reference and other relevant information) before it is converted to an analogue signal. Therefore when the ORX 1702 is used for 525 or 625 SDI video sources it is possible to convert the signal to an analogue NTSC or PAL composite output directly. For example: if the 525 or 625 signal is received from an SDI video transmitter OTX 1812.
The ORX 1702 provides two analogue outputs and support for LC, ST or SC singlemode fibre connections. An LC version suitable for multimode fibre is also available.

Key Features

  • Supports analogue black burst, bi-level, tri-level sync signals and NTSC and PAL composite video
  • Two outputs
  • Broadcast quality performance
  • Versions for LC, ST or SC fibre connections
  • Multimode version available
  • Supports hot swapping and hot plugging


Fibre Input Singlemode

  • 1 x fibre optic Input LC, ST or SC connection
  • SMPTE 297M - 2006
  • Input range (wavelength): 1260nm to 1620nm
  • RX sensitivity: -3dBm to -19dBm
  • RX active LED on side of module

Fibre Input Multimode

  • 1 x fibre optic input
  • LC connection
  • SMPTE 297M - 2006
  • Input range (wavelength) 780nm to 880nm
  • RX sensitivity: 0dBm to -15dBm
  • RX active LED on side of module

Analogue Output

  • Sync = analogue black burst / SDTV bi-level / HDTV tri-level 
  • Video = NTSC / PAL composite video
  • 2 identical outputs provided
  • 75 Ohm BNC connectors
  • Analogue tri-level sync SMPTE ST 274, ST 276
  • Return loss: 46.5dB to 10MHz


  • +12VDC power supply (included)
  • Power LED on side of module
  • Power consumption: 5W


  • 105mm x 40mm x 22mm (4.13" x 1.57" x 0.86")

Model #

  • ORX 1702 LC, ORX 1702 ST, ORX 1702 SC (singlemode) ORX 1702 MM (multimode)


  • Module
  • 12V DC power supply 
  • Plastic transport case

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