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LynxTechnik yellobrik Serial & GPI Fibre Transceiver (yellobrik Module Only, Requires CWDM SFP)

Product Code LYODT1540
Manufacturer LynxTechnik

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The ODT 1540 is a multi-function CWDM compatible module which (when used with another ODT 1540 in the remote location) will extend the reach of serial RS232, RS422 or RS485 as well as two GPI (general purpose I/O) up to 40km over fibre. 18 wavelength sections are provided for CWDM use.

A single RJ45 electrical serial connection can be configured for RS232, RS422 or RS485 serial standards. A separate RJ45 connector is provided for two electrical GPI inputs and outputs. Serial communications and GPI are transmitted and extended over the same fibre link.

The ODT 1540 is completely agnostic to the serial protocol used, and supports all standard protocols and proprietary protocols at data rates from 300 to 460K Baud (auto sensing and auto adjusting).

The integrated dip switch provides precise control over the serial mode of operation with selections for the serial standard, serial termination, RX/TX crossover and RS422/485 data direction (automatic or manual). Data activity LEDs are provided for the serial port and the GPI port under the respective RJ45 connectors.

The ODT 1540 also supports mixing and matching of serial standards. For example: the transmitting module can have a RS232 input, and the receiving module can be set for RS422 output.

The ODT 1540 is 100% plug and play, hot pluggable and no special software drivers are required.

Key Features

  • Extend serial and GPI connections up to 40km
  • Supports serial RS232 or RS422 or RS485
  • 2 x GPI connections
  • Select from 18 fibre wavelengths (CWDM)
  • LC/PC duplex fibre connections
  • Switchable RX/TX crossover
  • Automatic or manual data direction
  • Switchable end of line termination
  • ‘Plug and Play' - No PC software drivers needed
  • Supports all serial protocols (standard or proprietary)
  • 300 - 460K Baud (auto sensing and auto adjusting)


Serial I/O

  • EIA/ETA RS232C / RS422 / RS485 (selectable)
  • Connector - RJ45
  • Baud rate - Auto sense and auto adjust from 300 to 460K
  • Serial setting dip switch provides settings for:
  • Select RS232 / RS422/485 modes
  • Select serial termination (for end of line)
  • RX/TX crossover to flip the RX and TX if needed
  • Set RS422/485 data direction to automatic or manual if needed 
  • LED status indicators (under RJ 45 connector)
  • Serial TX activity
  • Serial RX activity
  • RS422/485 Max number of electrical nodes = 25
  • ESD protection for up to 26kV


  • 2 x general purpose inputs + 2 x general purpose outputs
  • Connector - RJ45
  • GPI Inputs:
  • External passive closure between pins (short) to trigger
  • Max input switching frequency 25Hz (50 operations / second)
  • Input insulation 3.75kV
  • GPI outputs:
  • Internal contact closure (relay) 
  • Max switching frequency 25Hz (50 operations / second)
  • Max switching power 220VDC / 0.25A or 250VAC / 0.25A
  • Output insulation 3.75kV
  • LED status indicators (under RJ45 connector)
  • GPI Input 1 activity
  • GPI Input 2 activity
  • GPI Output 1 activity
  • GPI Output 2 activity

Fibre I/O

  • 1 x fibre optic input (SMF)
  • (Range 1270-1610nm, Sensitivity -3dBm to -23dBm)
  • 1 x fibre optic output (SMF)
  • CWDM (ITU-T G.694.2) 18 selectable wavelengths (see table)
  • Duplex (Single mode) using LC/PC Connections
  • Fibre TX active and RX active LEDs on side of module
  • Max. distance 40km (24.8 miles - Singlemode)


  • +12VDC @ 0.25A power supply (included)
  • Supports external power from 9 to 14VDC
  • Power LED on side of module


  • 105mm x 40mm x 22mm (4.13" x 1.57" x 0.86")


  • ODT 1540


  • Module
  • 12V power supply + AC plug adapters 
  • Mounting brackets
NOTE: No fibre SFP is supplied as standard, select required wavelength from table

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