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LynxTechnik yellobrik Fibre To Ethernet Transceiver (Fibre LC Connectors)

Product Code LYOET1510
Manufacturer LynxTechnik

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The OET 1510 is a compact 3 port Ethernet switch, designed to extend the reach of electrical Ethernet signals over long distances using a constant (fixed) high speed 1 Gbit optical transceiver speed.

When paired with another OET 1510 at the receiving end (using two fibre links) you have a cost effective Ethernet extender system for distances up to 10km providing a stable, high speed 1Gbit error free optical connection between locations.

The OET 1510 has two standard RJ45 electrical Ethernet ports plus fibre I/O and functions as a 3 port Ethernet switch. For legacy system use; each electrical Ethernet port can be set for automatic speed detection (10/100/1000) or forced to 10Mbit, and each port can use auto crossover detection or be forced manually if needed. These functions are available using the dip switch.

Key Features

  • Supports standard Ethernet inputs up to 1 Gbit
  • 3 port Ethernet switch (1 fibre, 2 electrical)
  • Auto (10/100/1000) electrical port speed selection
  • Manually Force 10Mbit electrical speed (if needed)
  • Fibre transceiver speed always 1 Gbit
  • Auto or manual electrical crossover selection
  • Distances up to 10km (6.2 miles) over fibre
  • TX 1310nm -3dBm
  • RX Sensitivity -3dBm to -21dBm
  • LC - PC optical connections
  • Supports hot swapping and hot plugging



  • 2 x Ethernet ports, RJ 45 Connectors.
  • 10 BaseTUTP category 3,4 or 5 cable up to 328ft/100m (2 pairs)
  • 100 BaseTXUTP category 5 cable up to 328ft/100m (2 pairs)
  • 1000 BaseTXUTP category 5 cable up to 328ft/100m (4 pairs)
  • Auto detect bit rate (10/100/1000), or force to 10Mbit for each port (selectable)
  • Automatic crossover detection or force manually for each port (selectable)
  • Port speed / activity LED indication (next to Ethernet port)

Fibre Optic

  • 1 x fibre optic input (TX)
  • 1 x fibre optic output (RX)Duplex (single mode) using LC/PC Connections
  • IEEE 802.3z (1000BASE-X Gbit/s Ethernet over Fibre at 1 Gbit/s (125 MB/s)
  • Transmitter: 1310nm (-3dBm)
  • Receiver: 1260nm to 1620nm (-3dBm to -21dBm)
  • Fibre TX active and RX active LEDs on side of module
  • Max. distance 10km (6.2 miles - Singlemode)


  • +12VDC power supply (included)
  • (Supports external power input from 9 - 14 VDC )
  • Power LED on side of module


  • 105mm x 40mm x 22mm (4.13" x 1.57" x 0.86")


  • OET 1510


  • Module
  • 12V DC power supply 
  • Wall mounting brackets 
  • (Fibre optic cable not included)

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