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Lightware KVM DisplayPort Fibre Optical Extender (Receiver)

Product Code LIDP-OPT-RX150
Manufacturer Lightware Visual Engineering

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Lightware DP-OPT-TX150 and DP-OPT-RX150 devices extend Dual-mode DisplayPort 1.1a high resolution video and embedded audio with optional HDCP encryption plus USB HID* over one multimode fiber up to 1100 m.

DisplayPort one of the newest video interface standards. Using DisplayPort, high resolution video and excellent quality audio can be transmitted. The interface's 10.8 Gbps bandwidth is capable of transmitting 2560x1600@60Hz pixel resolution video with full support of content protection (HDCP). UHD and 4Kx2K resolution can be achieved up to 30Hz frame rate.

Intelligent HID Emulation is provided for two devices with full transparency. The special HID devices - including
keyboard and mouse - are emulated by the extender and transparently transferred to the computer with the result
that no drivers are required for the proper functionality, it's as easy as Plug & Play.
DP-OPT-TX150 has 2 extra local USB ports with a built-in HUB and can be connected to the PC/Mac with a single
USB cable.

Dual-mode DisplayPort: when connecting a DVI or HDMI display through an adaptor cable, Dual-mode DisplayPort graphic cards reconfigure their outputs to DVI or HDMI accordingly. Lightware DisplayPort extenders support Dual-mode port extension and adaptor cables.

Thunderbolt: Lightware's DisplayPort extenders can be used with Thunderbolt sources and devices. The extender pair and the DisplayPort monitor have to be placed at the end of the Thunderbolt chain. Apple Thunderbolt Display is not supported.

Single Fiber Technology makes these units fully DisplayPort 1.1a and HDCP 1.1 compliant without the need of a second fiber cable or copper connections. To simplify cabling, the bi-directional communication - necessary for DisplayPort Link Training, HDCP handshaking and USB transfer - is performed on the same fiber core that transmits the video signal. Both receiver and transmitter are remote configurable from either side through the mini USB connector.


  • Long distance lossless DisplayPort signal and USB HID transmission
  • Apple Cinema Display compatible AV extension
  • Ground loop isolation

Key Features

Key Features

  • DisplayPort 1.1a + Keyboard + Mouse fiber extender
  • Dual-mode DP: supports DVI and HDMI adaptors
  • 2560x1600@60Hz maximum pixel resolution
  • UHD and 4Kx2K resolution can be achieved up to 30Hz frame rate (4096x2400@30Hz)
  • HDCP 1.1 compliant extension over one multimode fiber
  • Compatible with Apple LED Cinema Display
  • Support of the latest Mac laptop and desktop computers with Thunderbolt port
  • 4K resolution can be achieved at lower framerate (4096 x 2160 @ 30 Hz)
  • USB HID (Human Interface Device) only
  • External USB HUBs are supported
  • Single Fiber Technology
  • Zero frame latency, no delay
  • No compression
  • SC optical fiber connector
  • Solid Aluminum body
  • Several status LEDs: power, fiber link, source detect, monitor detect, HDCP enable, USB link, K+M emulate
  • USB control
  • Kensington lock support



  • Data rate: 1.62 / 2.7 Gbps/lane,maximum: 10.8 Gbps total
  • Max resolution at 60Hz: 2560 x 1600 pixels @ 60 Hz
  • Max resolution at 30Hz: 4Kx2K (4096×2400 pixels)
  • Other supported resolutions: 4096x2160 up to 30 Hz, 3840x2160 up to 30Hz, 1920x1080@120 Hz
  • Color depth: 24, 30, 36, 48 bits deep color
  • HDCP pass through: Yes
  • Fiber: 50/125 SC Multimode (preferred) 62.5/125 SC Multimode
  • Laser wavelengths: high speed lanes: 778; 800; 825; 850 nm low speed lanes: 911; 980 nm
  • Laser class specifications: Class 3R
  • Transmitter output OMA*: -6.25 dBm (worst case)
  • Receiver OMA* sensitivity: -14.25 dBm (worst case)
  • Transmission distance: 1100 m (using OM3e or OM4 type fiber)
  • Power supply: External power adaptor (100 to 240 V AC, 50-60 Hz)(5 V DC, 2 A)
  • Power consumption (RX): 3,25 W (typ.) 3,5 W (max) without USB 3,75W (typ.) with USB 8,25 W (max 500mA/USB A conn) with USB
  • Power consumption (TX): 2,75 W (typ.) 3 W (max) without USB 3,1W (typ.) with USB 8,2 W (max 500mA/USB A conn) with USB
  • Enclosure: Solid Aluminum
  • Dimensions: 110 W x 95 D x 18 H mm
  • Weight: 300 g
  • Compliance: CE
  • Warranty: 3 years


  • DisplayPort: standard DisplayPort gold plated connector
  • Fiber: SC receptacle
  • USB HID (RX) 2 x USB-A female connector
  • USB (TX) 2 x USB-A female connector
  • USB control: mini USB-B female connector
  • Power: DC connector (1.35/3.5 mm barrel receptacle)

Maximum Extension Distances

OM1 (62.5/125) OM2 (50/125) OM3 (50/125) OM4 (50/125)
DisplayPort 2560x1600@60Hz 24bpp 150 m 350 m 800 m 1100 m

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