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Calibre FOVEA-F1 MEMC Frame Rate Converter & Format Converter

Product Code CAFOVEA-F1
Manufacturer Calibre

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Fovea-F1 is a broadcast grade HD MEMC frame rate converter for standards & universal format conversion, computer graphics to video scan conversion and frame synchronizer with powerful MEMC FRC, noise reduction, image enhancement and aspect ratio conversion. Key features include content adaptive Motion Estimation Motion Compensated (MEMC) frame rate conversion as well as powerful image quality restoration capabilities.

Key Features

  • MEMC Motion Compensated Frame Rate Conversion
  • Real-time content adaptive MEMC algorithm combines Phase Plane Correlation Block Matching Motion Estimation and Global Motion Estimation 
  • Video and Film Processing with Cadence Preserve/Remove/Adjust
  • Up to 16 Field/Frame Aperture for accurate processing of complex content
  • Wide Range of MEMC Presets for easy use with most common content
  • Perfect for demanding content such as Sports, Action, Music Promos and Commercials. Super-high-end performance at mid-market price



  • Converts between all common broadcast and film frame rates, also inputs computer graphics
  • Aspect Ratio Conversion & Pan/Zoom/Tilt/Trim, Logo Insertion & Safe Area Markers 
  • MEMC Keep-Out Zone Definition and MEMC Demo Mode
  • Closed Caption support, HD CEA708 & SD CEA608 formats, VITC/LTC Embedded Timecode support 
  • Frame Synchronizer, Genlock to Digital or Analog house sync, Audio Embed & De-Embed, Audio Delay Correction
  • Flexible Proc-Amp Controls, 2D Detail Enhancement, Sharpness Control, Real-time Unsharp Mask
  • Broadcast Grade Motion Adaptive De-Interlacer with 3:2, 2:2 and Non-Standard/Variable Cadence Detection
  • Per Pixel Motion Adaptive Temporal/Film Noise Filtering HD & SD, MPEG2 Codec Noise Reduction for SD 
  • System control via a front-panel LCD menu controlled using rugged front panel keys with inbuilt status indication
  • Webserver remote control via TCP/IP, integrate with third-party control systems via TCP/IP or RS232 using API
  • Dual-redundant power supply for provision of two power feeds in live-on-air applications.


  • 3G-SDI, YPbPr, DVI, HDMI, Composite, S-Video and RGBHV/VGA



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