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LynxTechnik yellobrik CHD 1812 HDMI to SDI Converter with Frame Synchronizer

Product Code LYCHD1812
Manufacturer LynxTechnik

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The CHD 1812 is a versatile and compact HDMI to SDI converter with integrated frame synchronizer. It is an ideal solution for any application which requires a fully synchronized SDI input from an external asynchronous HDMI source.

The flexible reference sync input will accept any analogue video sync format including SD bi-level sync, black burst, colorbars and tri-level HD sync. The sync input is auto detecting and fully cross lock compatible. For example: An SD black burst reference can be used to frequency lock an HD HDMI input. If no reference is present, the converter performs a standard asynchronous HDMI to SDI conversion.
A stereo pair of analogue inputs can be embedded into any AES channel. Inputs can be either professional balanced audio with selectable full scale level, or unbalanced consumer line level audio.

Any audio present in the HDMI stream will be embedded into the SDI outputs, or can be replaced with the external audio input.
An optional SDI fibre output is also provided (Single Mode Fibre).

Key Features

  • Supports SD/HD/3G -SDI formats
  • 3D support
  • Integrated Frame Synchronizer
  • Multi-format sync reference input - cross lock compatible
  • 2 x SDI outputs with optional SDI fibre output
  • HDMI embedded audio passed transparently
  • 2 x external analogue audio inputs
  • Professional balanced analogue audio inputs or unbalanced line level audio inputs
  • Selectable AES channel for embedding external audio
  • HDMI, reference and audio present LED indication


HDMI Input 

  • 3D compatible input using type A connector
  • Up to 8 channels embedded audio in HDMI is passed transparently or replaced with external analogue audio input

Reference Input

  • SDTV: Analogue 525 or 625 bi-level sync, black burst or colorbars
  • HDTV: All tri-level sync standards (exceptions 1080p 50/59.94/60Hz)
  • Cross lock compatible
  • 75 Ohm BNC connector
  • SMPTE 274M, SMPTE 296M

Frame Synchronizer

  • Functional if valid reference is detected, otherwise operates in free run (Asynchronous) mode. External audio and HDMI input are frequency locked to external reference, fully cross lock compatible across standards

SDI Outputs

  • 2 x SDI video on 75 Ohm BNC connector
  • SMPTE 424M, SMPTE 292M, SMPTE 259M
  • Multi-standard output from 270Mbit/s to 3Gbit/s (follows HDMI input)
  • SDTV (525/625) 
  • 720p and 1080p (23.98/24/25/29.97/30/50/59.94/60 Hz)
  • 1080i (50/59.94/60 Hz)

Audio Inputs

  • Left and right analogue audio using 1/4 inch jack plugs 
  • 10k Ohm differential balanced input mode with 24,22,20,18,15,12 dBu full scale (selectable)
  • Unbalanced mode with (line level) at -10 dBV (1/4 inch Jack Plug to RCA connection adapters supplied)
  • Selectable AES channel for audio embedding (1 through 8) (Overwrites any HDMI embedded audio present in selected channel)
  • Frequency response: <+/- 0.2dB 20Hz to 20KHz
  • 48KHz A/D sample rate (free run or frequency locked to ref input)


  • +12VDC power supply (included)


  • 105mm x 95mm x 22mm (4.13" x 3.74" x 0.86")

Model #

  • CHD 1812


  • Module
  • AC power supply
  • RCA adapters
  • HDMI cable
  • USB cabl
  • Transport case

Note: For legal reasons, HDMI capture devices from LYNX Technik AG are designed not to capture, convert or transmit video or audio from HDCP copy-protected sources (e.g. Satellite receivers, Cable receivers, BD players etc.)

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