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LynxTechnik yellobrik 9 Channel Fibre CWDM - LC Connectors (1270nm - 1430nm)

Product Code LYOCM1891
Manufacturer LynxTechnik

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The OCM 1891 is a compact CWDM passive 9 channel optical multiplexer / de-multiplexer designed to send / receive up to 9 individual signals over a single fibre link.

Supports unidirectional and bidirectional applications. The module features an UPG (Upgrade) port to connect to the OCM 1892, which expands the total capability to 18 channels in a single fibre link. The modules can be used standalone or integrated into the optional RFR 1018 0.5 RU 19" rack frame, ideal for system installations.

Ideally suited for use with the ORX 1800, ORR 1802 receivers / OTX 1840, OTT 1812 CWDM transmitters / OTR 1840 CWDM transceiver and the OET 1540 Ethernet Transceiver (all 18 wavelengths available as specified in ITU-T G.694.2)

The OCM 1891 supports the following wavelengths: (ITU-T G.694.2) 1270,1290,1310,1330,1350,1370,1390,1410,1430nm

Key Features

  • Send / receive up to 9 channels over a single fibre link
  • 1270nm to 1430nm (ITU-T G.694.2)
  • Passive operation (no power required)
  • Combine with OCM 1892 for 18 channels
  • LC-PC optical connections
  • Optional ½ RU 19" rack frame


Optical I/O

  • 9 x Fibre Optic I/O channels (1 through 9)
  • Centre frequencies taken from ITU-T G.694.2
  • 1270,1290,1310,1330,1350,1370,1390,1410,1430 nm
  • 1 x COM (common) connection = multiplexed I/O
  • 1 x UPG (Upgrade) I/O connection (pass band connection to OCM 892 module)
  • LC/PC connectors SMF (single mode)
  • Channel Insertion loss: 2.7dB
  • UPG Insertion loss: 2.7dB
  • Polarization dependant loss: max 0.2dB
  • Return Loss: > 45dB
  • Isolation (to adjacent channel): > 30dB
  • Directivity > 55dB
  • Temp. dependant loss: < 0.005dB/ºC
  • Temp. dependant change of wavelength: < 0.003nm/ºC
  • Max. input power: 500mw
  • Single or full duplex operation


  • None required (passive operation)


  • L: 108mm x W: 198mm x H:19mm (4.25" x 7.79" x 0.75")


  • OCM 1891


  • Module
  • Plastic transport case

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