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Christie Boxer 4K30 3-Chip DLP Projector

Product Code CH144-001012-01
Manufacturer Christie Digital

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This latest innovation from Christie® - delivers the best size to lumen output ratio in the business weighing in at less than 150lbs.

Christie Boxer 4K30 is a 30,000 lumen, high-resolution, 3DLP® projector designed for high impact live events. With intelligent design and feedback, Christie Boxer 4K30 is the most profit-focused professional projector in the market that will help you deliver an unprecedented user experience time and again. Boxer ensures a low cost of ownership, increases your return on investment, and future proofs your fleet - in the smallest, smartest and most efficient 30K projector available.

A new market paradigm Optimised to deliver an exceptional user experience, Christie Boxer 4K30 is the most profit-focused professional projector on the market today. Our latest innovation offers you low cost of ownership, higher return on your investment, and future proofs your fleet - now that's a knockout.

Key Features

  • The Brightest, lightest and smartest 30,000 lumen projector at 68kg (150lbs)
  • Ships with lamps installed requiring no lamp alignment
  • Omni-directional - Improves design options for flexibility of installation
  • Smaller & Lighter - Reduces shipping and labour costs
  • Single phase power reduces setup cost and complexity
  • Integrated Near Field Communication (NFC) allows for lamp information tracking in the projector or on the shelf
  • Obtain at-a-glance status updates on lamp hours, voltage, temperature, warnings or errors, system IP address display and thumbnail images for any connected source using the preview screen
  • Extend your source options and flexibility with a full range of input connections: 3G-SDI, DisplayPort, HDBaseT, DVI and HDMI inputs
  • Christie TruLifeTM processing ensures stunning color reproduction
  • Expert image manipulation with built-in warp and blend functionality
  • Convenience lighting for easy access and peace of mind in dark environments
  • More than double the life of Xenon lamps means less consumables and big savings
  • Ready for spectacular visual experiences with 4K
  • Delivers exceptional HD image quality using Christie's enhanced HD upscaling


Brightness 29,000 ANSI (typical)
30,000 centre
Contrast 2000:1
Display 3DLP 1.38" DMD
Resolution 4K (4096 x 2160)
Illumination 6x 450W NSH
Lamp Life 1500 hours to 70% initial brightness
Inputs 2 x Dual 3G HD-SDI input card
2 x Twin DisplayPort input card
Pixel clock 1.2Gpx/s - TruLife Electronics
Networking Keypad
RS232 in
Ethernet (10/100) RJ45
Optional accessories Dual link DVI input card
Twin HDMI input card
Rigging and stacking frame
Lens mount Tool-free lens insertion system
Boresight adjustable
Motorised horizontal and vertical lens offset
Motorised zoom and focus adjustment
Lens options Fixed
0.72:1 (no offset)
0.9:1 (Offset: V: ±29%, H: 9%)
1.13-1.31:1 (Offset: V: ±56%, H: 19%)
1.31-1.63:1 (Offset: V: ±13%, H: 4%)
1.63-2.17:1 (Offset: V: ±13%, H: 4%)
1.98-2.71:1 (Offset: V: ±13%, H: 4%)
2.71-3.89:1 (Offset: V: ±13%, H: 4%)
3.89-5.43:1 (Offset: V: ±13%, H: 4%)
5.43:1 -7.69:1 (Offset: V: ±56%, H: 19%)
Power 200-240V
(L x W x H)
37.75 x 23.5 x 12"
959 x 597 x 305mm
Weight ~150lbs (~68kg)
Operating environment Temperature: 5 to 40°C (41 to 104°F)
Humidity: 10 to 80%, non-condensing
Limited warranty 3 years

Lens Options and Accessories

Lens Options

CH144-110103-01 Christie 0.8:1 High Brightness Fixed Lens (0.72:1 4K)
CH144-111014-01 Christie 1.1 Fixed Lens (0.9:1 4K)
CH144-103105-01 Christie 1.25-1.45:1 High Brightness Lens (1.13 - 1.31:1 4K)
CH144-104106-01 Christie 1.45-1.8:1 High Brightness Lens (1.31 - 1.63:1 4K)
CH144-105107-01 Christie 1.8-2.4:1 High Brightness Lens (1.63 - 2.17:1 4K)
CH144-106108-01 Christie 2.2-3.0:1 High Brightness Lens (1.98 - 2.71:1 4K)
CH144-107109-01 Christie 3.0-4.3:1 High Brightness Lens (2.71 - 3.89:1 4K)
CH144-108100-01 Christie 4.3-6.0:1 High Brightness Lens (3.89 - 5.43:1 4K)
CH144-109101-01 Christie 5.5-8.5:1 High brightness Lens (5.43 - 7.69:1 4K)


CH003-104599-01 Christie Boxer Lamp Module - 450W with NFC (Single Lamp)
CH004-104599-01 Christie Refurb Lamp Module (Less than 100 Hours Use)

Input Cards

CH108-312101-02 Christie Dual Link DVI Input Card
CH108-313101-02 Christie Dual 3G/HD/SD-SDI Input Card
CH108-451101-01 Christie Twin DisplayPort Input Card
CH108-311101-01 Christie Twin HDMI Input Card
CH144-114107-01 Christie Quad DisplayPort Input Card
CH144-116109-01 Christie High Bandwidth Multi-Input Card (HBMIC)

Rigging Options

CH144-112015-01 Christie Boxer Rigging Frame
CH113-102101-01 Christie Rigging Clamps

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