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Mirage M Series 3D Projector Promotion

Whether you need 3D capability today or tomorrow, for your classroom, meeting room, or live event Christie makes it easy to future-proof your investment.

With full HD resolution and Dual Input 3D offering up to 120Hz native performance, the Christie Mirage M series is a truly innovative high performance 3D projector.

Future Proof your Investment with 3D for the price of 2D

BUY the "Mirage" Active Stereo 3D version for the same price as the 2D version and receive a FREE lens of your choice (choose from 6 x lenses below) -

0.67:1 Fixed / 1.1 Fixed / 1.4-1.8 Zoom / 1.8-2.6 Zoom / 2.6-4.1 Zoom / 4.1-6.9 Zoom

The Promotion applies to the Mirage HD14K-M and Mirage WU14K-M models only and for the period of May 1st to July 31st Inclusive.

Please call 0113 255 7666 or email for further details and to place your order.

Christie Mirage Series - Overview & Benefits

The Christie Mirage delivers more pixels, more performance, and even more brightness for visually stunning 3D for home cinema and entertainment, museums and education, scientific research, manufacturing, oil and gas exploration and anything in between. Offering complete compatibility with today’s 3D home entertainment requirements, the Christie Mirage M series is ready for Blu-ray 3D video, PS3 and other gaming consoles and meets the mandatory 3D spec for HDMI v1.4a.

With dual image processing capabilities, there are three modes of 3D input - native 3D input, frame doubled 3D and Dual Input 3D for maximum source compatibility and high-performance flicker-free operation without the need of a passive to active converter. There are also three additional modes for non computer sources (optional input module may be required).

Powered by dual image processing, the Christie Mirage M Series displays full resolution at a native frame rate up to 120Hz. Two standard Dual-link DVI input cards support 330MHz bandwidth for full resolution Dual Input 3D.

Key Features

  • Up to a full 120Hz native frame rate
  • Standard full 330MHz dual-link DVI-D
  • Active Stereo & Passive Stereo 3D Capable
  • HDMI v1.4a - mandatory 3D spec

Christie Mirage M Series in active mode

The full 120Hz native frame rate active stereo Christie Mirage M Series projector is a far superior 3D projection solution. Powered by dual image processing, the Christie Mirage M Series supports full resolution at 330MHz with no bandwidth issues. Users can utilize active LCD shutter glasses that alternate left eye/right eye display in synchronization with the refresh rate of the projector for stunning, flicker-free active stereo using the latest in lightweight active stereo glasses.

Christie Mirage M Series in passive mode

Along with native frame rate compatibility from a single computer channel, the Christie Mirage M Series comes standard with support of Dual Input 3D that provides the ability to connect it to most frame locked passive stereo 3D sources. Optionally, using passive glasses and a special 3D filter that goes into the light path, the Christie Mirage M Series creates stunning circular or linear 3D imagery from a single projector.