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Established in 1988 in Bradford, UK, Calibre UK Limited are a privately owned, specialist electronics display equipment company.

With over 24 years experience in the Electronics industry, Calibre is highly respected World-wide as a specialist manufacturer of image processing products, specialist scalers, flat panel displays, flat panel display electronics, and I2C-Bus comms adapters & software.

Calibre utilises its own in-house hardware and software design teams for all product development. This enables the company to optimise product performance and retain an unusually high depth of technical knowledge of the design - which greatly aids support and customisation abilities.

In addition to a comprehensive product range, Calibre designs and manufactures one-off solutions to solve customers' electronics display problems. Strengths are a fast turn-around, custom design and manufacture, coupled with excellent customer support through all phases of a project.

One of Calibre's particular specialities is custom-designed military and rugged industrial products for use in harsh environments, with a particular emphasis on military and commercial aerospace displays as well as displays for military ground vehicles. Such expertise has also been extended to providing specialist displays for the medical surgical market.

Calibre has also achieved World recognition providing image scaling technology for use with large LED videowalls primarily used for concerts, award ceremonies, rental/staging and advertising applications.

The Company also provides image scaling and processing technologies for use in digital cinema, large venue projection, surgical medical applications and broadcast/television studios.

Calibre continues to evolve its product range and make further technical advances in the Broadcast, Home Theatre, Aerospace, Defence, Medical and Industrial Markets.