Hippotizer™ V4’s multipurpose pre-visualisation tool built right into the Zookeeper software.

With the ability to use any local mix or viewport as an input, Visualiser can easily simulate an entire multi-system setup on a single machine. Import your 3D model and bring the screens, LED walls and projections to life with full resolution video visualisation. The Visualiser can be placed directly on a Pinboards of Zookeeper for real-time views of the output or, preview a mix before relaying to the output for true A/B cross-fading. Working with Multicontroller, objects in Visualiser can move in response to popular automation protocols bringing additional realism to the virtual word.


  • Built in 3D visualizer
  • Save visualisations to video
  • Supports LED walls, UV mapped surfaces and projectors
  • Import from many popular 3D file formats
  • Proxy media
  • Visualiser window on Pinboards
  • Supports moving objects


  • See a whole multi-system setup before going to site
  • Record and share the visualisation
  • Visualise complex LED walls, flat displays and projections.
  • Create the 3D model in your favourite software and simply import it into Hippotizer™.
  • Visualise many systems and outputs on a single machine; use only one Hippotizer™ to simulate the work of many.
  • See the output without the need of output display or use it to preview looks.
  • Preview automation or use Visualiser to see set pieces moving back stage.


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