Green Hippo SHAPE 3D Mapping. SHAPE is a complete 3D projection mapping tool set

Green Hippo SHAPE 3D Mapping

Green Hippo SHAPE 3D MappingSHAPE guides you through the 3D production workflow with ease, aiding you in the design, pre- production and execution of your show. Simply navigate your 3D scene, adjust scenery, test different lens configurations, analyse projectors coverage and preview stage automation plus much more. SHAPE allows you to edit your 3D model in real-time and export your full 3D scene with projectors for other collaborators to use. SHAPE’s case study tools allow you to arrive onsite confident with your projector placement for easy alignment, blending and warping. SHAPE utilizes Green Hippo’s proprietary network protocol, HippoNet to allow you to work on site from any location to get the best angle. And best of all, SHAPE is included with every Hippotizer.




What are the benefits of SHAPE 3D Mapping?

  • Easy and intuitive 3D Navigation.
  • Fast Projector Alignment tools.
  • Unique video warping with user defined regions.
  • Cutting Edge blending tools.
  • Integrates with any 3D workflow.
  • Ability to combine UV textures, Perspective and Planar Projection techniques.
  • Real-Time 3D model mesh editing.
  • Advanced import – Export options.
  • Support for Cinema4D file import.
  • Preview Stage automation in real-time.
  • Blacktrax Support
  • Notch Support
  • Advanced object hierarchy for complex scenes
  • Parenting for organising your Scene

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