GEL Express

Custom Gel & Scroll Manufacturing Service

Light Filter Gels & Scrolls for Luminaires & Colour Changers

Gel Express
Here at AC-ET we have a large in-house manufacturing department that has been supplying custom cut-colour and custom made scrolls, to the entertainment industry for over 40 years.

We have one of the largest specialist gel cutting facilities in the UK and have a large inventory from leading brands including; Procolor, LEE Filters, Rosco and GamColor.

We specialise in fulfilling small to large volume cut-colour and custom scroll orders, last minute at very competitive prices. We can often supply same day or next day delivery for emergency orders.

GEL Express offers;

Cut-colour Light Filter Gels
  • Lighting filter cut to custom size
  • Large stockholding including over 200,000 pieces of pre-cut colour for major luminaires


Custom Colour Scrolls
  • Bespoke scrolls made for the majority of colour changer manufacturers
  • Large stockholding including thousands of rolls of filter


How to Place an Order

The 3 Step Order Process
  • Place your order and specify what date you require it to be delivered by
  • Our sales team will be in contact to provide a quote and expected delivery date
  • If all is ok, payment is taken, your order is processed and sent out for delivery

*Whilst we endeavour to keep all colours in stock, some colours can have long lead times or may be subject to a minimum order quantity.
The easiest way to place an order is to use the form below.
Alternatively you can email, or call +44 (0)1494 446000.