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AC-ET Supplies Perfect Prolyte Fit for Huddersfield University

25th November 2011

A.C. Entertainment Technologies (AC-ET) Ltd's specialist Rigging division has provided a completely bespoke Prolyte trussing grid solution for Studio Three at Milton House on the campus of the University of Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, UK.

Studio Three is a charismatic Grade II listed space within a former Methodist Church that is now part of The Milton Building, home to the University’s Drama, Theatre & Performance department. It is a brand new area used for training students in lighting and sound on the University's new BA Honours degree course in Technical Theatre.

AC-ET was one of several companies invited to tender for the project by David Wainwright, Senior Technician and Manager of Resources for Drama, Theatre & Performance, having previously supplied equipment to the University.

The Studio Three grid project was co-ordinated for A.C. Rigging by Adam Beaumont, and utilises over 90 custom sized pieces of Prolyte X30D triangular trussing.

The compact space measures around 10 by 6 metres and has an irregular shape in which every element of the walls and ceiling is different, presenting a major challenge for the grid design project.

AC-ET's brief was to design a strong, flexible and attractive looking free-standing trussing grid system to facilitate positions for the sound, lighting and AV equipment in the room. It needed to fit as tight to the outer dimensions of the space as possible.

AC-ET's proposal comprised three separate grids that all work together to cover the space. It was selected as "the best combination of design, quality and price" explains David.

All pieces of trussing needed to be a custom length, angle or shape, to make up the three bays. These bays fitted perfectly into the space, with mere millimetres of clearance in every direction between the walls, roof and the external trussing chords.

The room’s measurements were scrutinised repeatedly by Adam, with painstaking precision to ensure there was no room for error. He says, "Once that process was complete, it was over to Prolyte to manufacture the individual pieces, and it is a great tribute to the versatility of their operation to come back with everything so quickly and efficiently."

The Studio is also used for physical theatre ensemble work, for which it has been fitted with a special sprung dancefloor.

A.C. Rigging took just three days to assemble and install the grids on site. David and his team are delighted with the results, "Adam and AC-ET provided an absolutely excellent service as always" he states.

Studio Three is now in daily use for the training and dance workshops, and due to the additional flexibility provided by the grids, there is the possibility that its operational scope and functionality will be extended for other purposes throughout the academic year.

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