Cloud Amplifiers, Mixer Amps & Zone Mixers

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Cloud Amplifiers, Mixer Amps & Zone Mixers

Cloud Electronics Limited has become the UK’s leading specialist in Paging, Zone-routing, Amplification and Mixer-Amplifiers for all types of commercial and domestic installations, such as Retail, Entertainment, Hospitality, and Fitness. Cloud is indisputably the most trusted brand in its sector with over 35 years of outstanding and proven heritage.

Cloud’s digitally controlled zone mixer combines traditional “installer-friendly” analogue I/O and signal path, with the flexibility and adaptability of digital control. Cloud’s analogue Mixers are versatile analogue single zone / multi zone audio mixers known for performance, features, flexibility and reliability.

Cloud’s Mixer Amplifiers are integrated, analogue audio mixer amplifier. It combines simple control of background music with versatile microphone paging and power amplification in a single unit. Cloud amplifiers are a range of multichannel audio amplifiers intended for use with high quality PA and music systems in locations where unquestionable long-term reliability is the primary consideration.

For well over three decades Cloud has led the field in high-quality commercial audio systems. Over this time the world’s most prestigious and respected brand names have turned to us consistently without question. Blue-chip brands from high street retail, international hotels, museums, entertainment venues, health and fitness centres: they all choose Cloud.

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