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The New Jands Echelon

30th April 1998

Effectively the second generation combined conventional/moving light console from Jands, the Echelon can truly be described as a small Wholehog II. Costing around half the price and limited to half the channels of a Wholehog II, the Echelon features a totally dependable hardware platform supporting a fully featured version of the Wholehog II operating system with Effects Engine.

Able to handle any combination of lighting fixtures, moving or static, the Echelon 1k provides almost unlimited flexibility in programming and playback options, while giving users absolute reliability of performance. Its user-friendly design features and button configuration make programming easy.

Each of the four menu banks of palette buttons – for Beam, Colour, Position and Groups – has its own LCD to give instant access to the specifics of each lighting fixture, while a central, large LCD screen, complete with grey scaling, provides continuous feedback on programming and playback status.

The Echelon 1k’s Wholehog II operating system ensures the console’s power and reliability of performance, with a 20 MIPS CPU and 2.0 Mbytes memory (with the option to expand to 4.0 Mbytes) giving you all the speed you need. Already put to work by some of Australia’s leading lighting designers, the Echelon 1k is proving as pleasurable to use as it is hard working, and the feedback of operators has been incorporated into the console’s outstanding design.

Built-in flexibility means the Echelon 1k’s performance will match any user’s imagination, with numerous options when it comes to managing cues and presets, while an effects engine allows for almost unlimited creativity when it comes to driving lighting effects such as movement, fades and colours.

With features which include user-definable system default settings and fixture libraries, external VGA monitor output, the ability to patch any fixture anywhere on the DMX outputs, mouse/trackball input, console self test and diagnostic routines and access protection PIN, to name but a few, it’s a little wonder the Echelon 1k can make any lighting fixture look good.

A lighting console which is fast, powerful, easy to use, flexible and reliable enough to keep up with the rigours of modern lighting demands, the Echelon 1k is also surprisingly affordable. And backed by A.C. Lighting’s outstanding sales support and service it’s a package that goes all the way.