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SpectraLite™ Cases Take Some Beating

4th October 2004

A.C. Lighting have sold a large quantity of SpectraLite™ cases to Stagelight, a leading Belgian lighting production company.

StageLight, who supply to the entertainment and performing arts markets, purchased 24 SpectraLite™ cases after a successful trial using the product to send out equipment from their in-house rental service.

Stagelight chose the cases due to their combination of stylish design, high build quality and scratch-proof material. The trial cases have been in regular use since they were purchased 12 months ago and have transported a wide range of equipment, including power and microphone cables, Hog PCs and ETC Source 4 PARs.

For the past few months the cases have been supplied to various open air festivals. However, despite being packed full of cables, loaded in and out of trucks and then left out in torrential rain and mud on several occasions, the cases are still looking as good as new.

The secret to the case's road proof exterior is an injection moulded, custom blended thermoplastic resin material which although often lighter than conventional cases, is able to withstand harsh touring environments. The material is splash-proof (IP44) with a 'wipe clean' water resistant surface, has a high resistance to chemical/biological agents and retains its colour if scratched due to constant colour pigmentation throughout the material. The case's patented panel interlocking mechanism also enables easy replacement of panels should damage occur.

Besides its road proof exterior, the main advantage of the SpectraLite™ case is its unique internal ribbing system, which allows the case's interior space to be easily customised using partitions to hold a wide range of lighting/audio-visual equipment and accessories - giving the customer total flexibility.

Ivo Francx, co-owner of StageLight commented: "We are very pleased with the case, not only for its look - on which a lot of people say it looks really nice and well built - but also for the strength of the case. Even filled up with rubber cable they carry heavy weights without any problem. As they went out to open air festivals they stayed out in the rain for several days and when the cases came back, mud included, a simple high pressure water treatment made them look like new again."

The SpectraLite™ case is distributed exclusively by A.C. Lighting.