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Powerlock NRG Sequential Locking System Launched

16th February 2000

A.C. Lighting Ltd. has announced the launch of the new NRG sequential locking system from Powerlock manufacturers Litton Veam. This new system is the perfect solution for managers of venues and production companies who are responsible for the safety of electrical installations. Venue power supplies for incoming productions, and temporary installations such as festivals and location film shoots are just some of the typical applications where the NRG system is suited. In particular the NRG system is a welcome piece of security in any situation where the general public, or uninitiated staff, may have access to the power connection areas.

The system comes in a 19" rack format and guarantees the proper sequence of mating and un-mating a set of Powerlock connectors. The patented cam operated covers on each of the panel connectors ensure that the correct sequence of ground, neutral, phase 1, phase 2, and phase 3 is adhered to. Once connected, the system can be locked by two keys to prevent un-mating of the system by unauthorised people. The same two key locks can also be used when the system is idle to prevent unauthorised connection of the power cables. For further safety, the unit also features a micro-switch connection on the second key-lock that can be hooked up to a MCB. When the second key-lock is disabled the MCB will trip and isolate the panel from the mains power, thus preventing the disconnection of the unit whilst under load.

With two current rating options, of 400 & 660 Amps, the NRG box is available as either a Panel Source or Panel Drain unit, each having an IP65 rating when mated. The NRG system is completely compatible and intermateable with all existing Litton Veam Powerlock connectors.

For more details on the NRG and Powerlock range of single pole power connection products, contact A.C. Lighting Ltd. on +44 (0) 1494 446000.

Pictured is a Powerlock NRG system with European colour coded connectors. Standard sets of Powerlock connectors are also available with UK colour-codings.