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New WYSIWYG Version 3 success at International Launch

10th November 1997

The new Windows 95 version of the acclaimed WYSIWYG software from CAST Lighting was launched recently at the LDI exhibition in Las Vegas and won immediate acclaim by taking the Entertainment Product of the Year award.

WYSIWYG Version 3, as it is known, has taken a new look at the software tools that lighting designers, programmers and rental companies need in order to make pre-production periods as cost effective and efficient as possible, learning through their many years of experience in this field.

A complete suite of three programs are now available depending on your desired application, the foremost WYSICAD, which allows anybody to create and explore a lighting design in 3D, or 2D, but retain the advantage of working with 2D symbols to create proper hanging plots. WYSICAD has the advantage of being designed and written by lighting designers, specifically for use by lighting personnel and so understands the needs and desires for such a type of program.

WYSIPAPER is a second stand alone program, available completely free of charge that can also be combined with WYSICAD allowing you to print schedules, inventories, patches, colour cut lists as well as build custom reports. You can even start your plot in WYSIPAPER and place the fixtures later in WYSICAD.

The final program within the set of three is WYSIWYG itself, which allows the connection of DMX to any pc, including laptops, and allows you to fully pre-program your lighting presentation.