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New Wall Mounting Jands Dimmers

26th August 1997

With a detachable wall bracket, optional bracket extensions and add-on hook clamps, the wall mounted versions of the new generation HP12 dimmers from Australian manufacturer Jands are designed to overcome any installation problem.

The HP12-WMTR and HP12-WMSC boast the same impressive features as the stand alone models, which have built on the quality, reliability and popularity of the Jands HP12 dimmer, but with the added benefit of being designed specifically for fixed installations.

The wall mounting dimmer support bracket is detachable, which means that cabling can be routed to the dimmer location prior to the installation of the dimmer itself, which can simplify many installations dramatically. An optional extension bracket allows surface mounted conduit or cable-tray mounted cabling to be easily fitted to the dimmer, and in addition to these, two captive nuts allow hook clamps to be fitted to the unit enabling it to be hung from a standard lighting bar, if required.

A 24 way patch panel kit can be fitted within the support bracket system to provide a convenient and cost effective dimmer rack and patch panel system in a single package.

The versatility of these wall mount dimmers means that they are suitable for virtually any location - from schools and churches, to theatres, clubs and larger venues - anywhere that a permanent lighting system is required.

CE and C-Tick safety standard approved, the dimmers also provide a range of new features, including automatic compensation for minor mains fluctuations, a user lock facility and the ability to upgrade the software in the front panel.

The HP12-WMTR has an internal temperature sensitive DC speed controlled fan, and an output risetime of 280 microseconds with a 2500W incandescent load.

The design of the HP12-WMSC places added emphasis upon the reduction of acoustic and electrical noise as well as upon the ability to control more complex loads, with this unit featuring hard fired SCR output devices, two low speed fans and high risetime chokes (500 microseconds).