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Ministry of Sound

1st February 1999

The Special Projects Division of A.C. Lighting provides lighting solutions for a wide range of retail and entertainment venues. A recently completed project was for the supply and installation of lighting at The Ministry of Sound themed bar located at the busy Broad Street in the city centre of Birmingham. 

The lighting at the Ministry Bar is an interesting and highly effective solution to the specification of the venue itself. It’s not a club and it’s not a bar, but falls in the middle, bridging the gap between the two and allowing the public to enjoy the best of both worlds. The lighting inside follows this theme and, whilst using lighting fixtures that would not look out of place in the Ministry Of Sound club in London, it all comes down to the way in which they are used.

It’s the environment that is lit at the Ministry Bar, taking in the whole venue and transforming it, gently and subtly as the night goes on. Without the constraints of a dancefloor, the lighting is free to be as ambient as it wants, painting the walls and floors with colour and setting the ever-changing moods that evolve. Interacting with the video images that are projected around the venue, the lighting does a superb job keeping the environment around it alive.

Architectural lighting is being used more and more to add atmosphere to venues and the Ministry Bar is a perfect example of how this can be achieved.

Control of the lighting is done from the DJ area on the ground floor via a series of Masterpiece Outstation units, which in turn communicate with a Pulsar Masterpiece Replay unit. The Outstations are able to call up a series of programmed ‘looks’ for the lighting as the night goes on, enhancing the mood of the venue to match the music and atmosphere of the night. Subtle environmental changes are the key, almost non-detectable changes, that work seamlessly and lure the attendance with them, creating the atmosphere that could only be found at the Ministry Bar.

The lighting fixtures and control come from manufacturers Clay Paky and Pulsar, all supplied and installed by High Wycombe based A.C. Lighting.

The lighting installation for the Ministry of Sound Bar consists of: 10 x Clay Paky Stage Color 300, 2 x Clay Paky Stage Light 300, 1 x Pulsar Masterpiece Replay Unit and 4 x Pulsar Masterpiece Outstations.