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Chroma-Q Color Block 2 Makes The Right Moves

4th May 2011

Nearly 200 Chroma-Q® Color Block™ 2 LED fixtures were used as an integral element of Dave Singleton's lighting design for the main stage at Move It 2011, one of the UK's largest dance exhibitions.

The event took place at London's Olympia and featured several live performance stages. The main stage had a different showcase taking place every 30 minutes, amounting to over 200 different artist appearances across the three days of the event.

Lighting for the four largest live stages was supplied by Blackburn-based rental company HSL, who have a massive stock of several hundred Chroma-Q Color Block 2 LED fixtures.

The main stage at Move It was a 13.5 diameter circular construction, with a catwalk emerging from backstage. A 20 metre square mother grid was installed above, with three circular trusses - decreasing in diameter and all at staggered heights - flown below that, in a reverse wedding cake effect. This formed the basis of the lighting rig.

The Color Block 2 fixtures were used to line the edge of each of the circles and worked spectacularly well in defining the shape and architecture of the metalwork, and highlighting the trusses.

Each fixture's four separate light engines - which utilise RGBA single colour output LED cells - were individually pixel mapped for maximum flexibility, enabling looks and graphics from the lighting console's effects engine to be run through them - instantly creating complex, eye-catching chases and effects.

The whole lighting rig, which included moving heads and conventional fixtures as well as the Color Block 2 LEDs, was run by Simon Horn for the event.

"I've used the Color Block 2 fixture on many of my designs" says Dave Singleton, "It's an extremely versatile fixture, very bright, and offers a seriously good array of colours."

Brightness was a crucial factor in Olympia. The venue has a glass roof, so the Move It main stage was virtually a daylight environment. Any visual effects package therefore had to be sure of holding its own in these conditions. The Color Block 2 fixtures proved ideal for the job.

Dave also remarks on their reliability. Given the quantity that were used and the gruelling, almost non-stop show schedule for the rig and crew, all Color Block 2 units worked faultlessly throughout the whole event.

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