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  •   Cast Announce Introductory Upgrade Offer on New WYSIWYG Perform Version

Cast Announce Introductory Upgrade Offer on New WYSIWYG Perform Version

6th January 2005

As part of continuing enhancements to Cast Software's world-leading WYSIWYG lighting design software range, the company is pleased to announce that as of January 1, 2005, WYSIWYG Perform 500, 1000, 2000 and 5000, will be replaced by a new single version of Perform featuring Unlimited Channels.

As a special incentive to enable existing WYSIWYG Perform users to benefit immediately from this new version's enhancements, Cast is offering a 50% discount on upgrades from January 4 th until April 1st, 2005 (a saving of £444).

By upgrading to the latest version of Perform, users will also receive a 12-month extension to their existing software subscription. WYSIWYG's subscription program offers users access to all feature enhancements, including regular software and library updates. Subscription is the most cost effective and easiest method of keeping the product up-to-date.

Cast is also thrilled to announce a special promotion for users of WYSIWYG Report, Design (including Educational Editions) and Perform, v3.0, v3.1, v3.5 or v3.7 with a lapsed subscription. Normally users wanting to upgrade to the latest version of these packages would be charged for each version they have missed, but during this period they will only be charged a special one-off fee of £219 to upgrade to the latest version.

The WYSIWYG suite of software products was specifically designed for Lighting Professionals and offers a complete range of solutions to meet the needs of designers, assistants, electricians, console operators, teachers and students. WYSIWYG is the essential tool for those looking to increase creative freedom, save time, secure more contracts and reduce costs.

Designed by Lighting Professionals who understand real-life scenarios, WYSIWYG Perform is an integrated solution giving users all the tools they need. Featuring advanced CAD tools, 3D Rendering, Comprehensive Paperwork, Pre-Visualisation and Pre-cueing, WYSIWYG Perform is the industry's only all-in-one lighting package.

Other products in the range include WYSIWYG Report - the basic WYSIWYG CAD and Reporting package, WYSIWYG Design - which adds a full 3D environment with shaded and isometric views to the features in Report, WYSIWYG Network - which enables multiple users across a network, and specially adapted products for educational users - WYSIWYG Report and Design Educational Editions and WYSIWYG Learn