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  •   A.C. North 2007 Tradeshow Provides 1st UK Showings for Litec Innovations

A.C. North 2007 Tradeshow Provides 1st UK Showings for Litec Innovations

23rd April 2007

The A.C. Lighting North Tradeshow will see the first UK showings of two new product innovations from leading Italian trussing and rigging manufacturer Litec.

The new Litec EXE-Lodestar 650C1 is the first entirely BGV-C1 multifunction electric chain hoist designed for use in the entertainment industry.

BGV-C1 is a German code of practice for the entertainment and theatrical venues, part of which covers lifting and rigging equipment. Adopting BGV-C1 is voluntary, but it is generally required to obtain insurance within Germany and is therefore rapidly becoming an industry standard across Europe. A C1 chain hoist can be defined as a unit suitable for use to move and hold loads above people, and as such has to meet certain criteria such as a design factor of 10:1, underload and overload protection and a double brake mechanism.

"We needed to make a simple hoist that could work safely in compliance with all the regulations in force in Europe," said Cristiano Giavedoni, Litec Rigging Product Manager. "With the EXE™ Dual Core system, we have included all the control and safety functions needed for a BGV-C1 compliant hoist, all entirely on board the EXE-Lodestar 650C1."

The EXE-Lodestar 650C1 reads the dynamic load applied and detects overloading, underloading and any hoist operating anomalies. It controls the operation of the two brakes independently, and the hoist can be made class D8 for maintenance and storage using a security key switch. (D8 hoists can be used to lift loads during set up, with the area beneath clear of people)

"It is a revolution in the concept of lifting," underlined Franco Cesaretto, EXE™ Electronics Designer. "The hoist is close to the moving head concept, where each hoist can be individually addressed and 'Daisy-Chain' linked". Also operating the hoist does not require dedicated 'C1' controller, but any standard Direct Control unit can be used.

The EXE-Lodestar 650C1 is a co-branded Litec/Columbus McKinnon product that combines the classic CM lifting mechanism with innovative EXE™ technology developed at the Litec R&D laboratories.

The tradeshow will also be providing the world preview of Litec's new Flyintower Compact, a cost effective support tower for flying P.A. systems.

The Flyintower Compact can be easily dismantled and takes up a minimum of storage space. The main mast of the tower uses the popular QX30S standard truss and with the addition of a special base and top. The structure is suitable for lifting loads of up to 300kg to a height of 6 metres.

Anchoring is provided for an electronic chain hoist. Alternatively, a manual cable winch device can be employed for lifting the load of the P.A. system.