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A.C. Lighting Demonstrate Leading Lighting Solutions at STLD Workshop

26th January 2005

A.C. Lighting attended the recent STLD Lighting Desk Workshop at the Hospital Studio in London to demonstrate a selection of lighting products from the company's exclusively distributed range in the UK.

The aim of the workshop was to give leading lighting console manufacturers/suppliers the opportunity to respond, via product demonstrations, to a growing feeling amongst TV console ops that there is insufficient rehearsal time for just one operator/control desk to produce good quality pictures and all of the special effects demanded for modern productions - including hundreds of generic lighting channels, banks of moving lights and LED fixtures.

The state of the art Hospital Studio provided a fitting environment for the shoot-out, containing a TV suite occupying two basement floors and Europe's first multi-camera high definition facility. The studio's large production control room incorporates lighting control, graphics and prompting.

With console programming time very much a focus of the workshop, it was an ideal opportunity for A.C.'s Technical Sales team to demonstrate the Jands Vista lighting console's revolutionary approach to programming and various time-saving features. Because the Vista enables users to build their lighting designs visually from start to finish, this makes programming with the desk extremely fast, simple and intuitive. In addition, a unique Timeline feature displays all show parameters on a single scrolling screen, making editing and reviewing extremely quick and intuitive. Further time savings can be made using the Vista's powerful Generic Fixture Model feature, which enables looks to be copied between fixtures, regardless of type, allowing real flexibility and saving hours of re-plotting time.

A.C. also demonstrated leading lighting design software and fixtures from several other manufacturers.

Chroma-Q's Color Block LED fixture incorporates a unique choice of Blue LED which produces a higher quality of colour depth especially suited to entertainment environments. The LED also provides a superior range of colour-mixing options, giving the user greater creative possibilities. A HSI ( Hue, Saturation & Intensity) control mode option also enables easier and more flexible colour adjustment, resulting in more vibrant colours, a purer white and easier control of the light output - such as for reducing camera flare in live television applications. Other features include a powerful light output, Variable Effects Engine and versatile 'building block' design which makes it possible for the product to be configured again and again.

Clay Paky's Alpha Wash range of 575W moving body projectors includes the Alpha Spot and Alpha Spot HPE moving yoke profile fixtures, and the Alpha Wash moving yoke washlight fixture. Key range features include high brightness optics, which provide even distribution of light from the centre to the peripheral for a flatter curve, wide zooms (4 - 80 degrees on the Alpha Wash and 10 - 40 degrees on the Alpha Spot), colour mixing well away from the beam focal point - resulting in an even colour spread and no projection of shutter at low levels - and unique special effects, including an animation disc for creating morphing flame/water effects etc. on interchangeable gobos.

A.C. also demonstrated Cast's WYSIWYG software range. Designed by lighting professionals who understand real-life scenarios, WYSIWYG is a complete lighting design solution featuring CAD tools, Rendering, Comprehensive Paperwork, Pre-Visualisation, & Pre-Cueing. New to 2005, the latest version of WYSIWYG Perform now features Unlimited Channels*, giving designers the creative freedom to design even larger and more complex productions than before. Until 1st April, existing users of WYSIWYG can receive substantial discounts on upgrades to selected product levels and versions.