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A.C. Lighting Demonstrate Leading Lighting Consoles at STLD Open Day

9th July 2004

A.C. Lighting recently attended an STLD Open Day at LWT's The London Studios to demonstrate a selection of lighting products from the company's exclusively distributed range in the UK.

The studio is a hotspot that attracts celebrities and audiences alike. In over 30 years of hosting every big name in television production, it has focused on providing the highest quality in all areas of its facilities.

The event offered STLD members and the general lighting community a chance to view the studio facilities, and to see demonstrations of the latest lighting control technology and other products with applications in the television lighting market.

A.C.'s Glyn O'Donoghue and Neil Vann provided demonstrations of the latest consoles from Jands and MA Lighting in addition to the Chroma-Q Daylight PAR.

Jands' Vista console launches in August and is set to take the lighting industry by storm due to its ground-breaking user interface design. Unlike existing consoles, which force users to convert their mental picture into a complex series of numbers, the Vista allows users to work visually by controlling all design parameters with a pen and a large colour screen. This radically different interface enables users to build their lighting designs visually and makes programming with the desk extremely fast, simple and intuitive.

The unique Timeline feature displays all show parameters on a single scrolling screen, making editing and reviewing extremely quick and intuitive. Finally, the Vista's powerful Generic Fixture Model feature enables looks to be copied between fixtures, regardless of type, allowing real flexibility and saving hours of re-plotting time.

MA Lighting's grandMA console range is already established as a major player around the world, having sold over 1,200 units and been responsible for thousands of shows across over 45 countries.

The ranges full-size console is arguably the world's most powerful and flexible lighting console currently available. Featuring many advanced features that other manufacturers are still trying to achieve, the desk is completely at home in the world of TV, film, theatre and touring productions.

Examples include a variety of international TV and film work by studios including Fox Studios and MTV, as well as being chosen by UK LDs for recent high-profile European tours by Avril Lavigne, Sum 41, Simple Minds, Beyonce Knowles and stage productions of Thoroughly Modern Millie and Mamma Mia!

Key grandMA features include a familiar programming syntax, 3 full colour adjustable touchscreens, graphical colour and gobo selection, 20 fader and 40 button playbacks per page, along with the ability to control up to 16,384 DMX parameters and network up to 32 consoles.

A.C. also demonstrated Chroma-Q's Daylight PAR fixture. Designed primarily for indoor use, the product features a 575W 6000°K hot restrike lamp with high colour rendition which brings out the colour of the object it lights. The unit is based around the rugged and familiar ETC Source 4 PAR and features an integrated flicker-free, DMX controlled PSU which enables remote on, off and dim functions - making it ideal for filming application and aiding lamp life.