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AC-ET Hops Aboard Australian Pink Floyd Show

4th April 2011

A.C. Entertainment Technologies Ltd's Video division has supplied the first Green Hippo GrassHopper HD media server in the UK to west London based lighting rental company, Entec.

The unit went straight out on tour with lighting designer Phil White and the amazing Australian Pink Floyd Show (TAPFS) tour, where it is being used to control projections onto a 60ft wide by 30ft high upstage arch, triggered by the lighting console.

A.C. Video, exclusive UK & Ireland distributor for the innovative range of Green Hippo media server products, initially supplied Entec with 2 Green Hippo HippoCritter media servers last year which have been in constant use including on tour with Jools Holland.

As soon as Entec knew that the GrassHopper - a highly cost efficient solution for applications needing a single HD output - would be available, they placed a pre-order with the TAPFS tour in mind.

Entec's Ryan Brown comments, "Phil's show needed a small unit with a high resolution output, and GrassHopper is currently the only product fulfilling all these criteria." Having had excellent experiences with the HippoCritters, Entec know Hippo products are robust and reliable for touring as well as user-friendly, dynamic creative tools.

The sale was co-ordinated between A.C. Video's Lee House and Entec's Noreen O'Riordan. Entec also purchased a Datapath x4 and TV One switchers from A.C. Video as part of the package, all of which, together with the GrassHopper, have been built into a neat tourable system rack.

The GrassHopper outputs HD to the Datapath x4 which splits the signal feeding to the two halves of the arch projection. This is then routed through the TV One switchers via SDI to 2 x Barco R12 projectors, one for each side of the arch, which are being provided by XL Video.

A Hippo Critter is on the tour as backup, and Phil White is also running Green Hippo's ZooKeeper on his laptop for monitoring and control.

The show features a new band line-up, and a completely new set of new visual content, including animations and background texturing. These were produced by a combination of people, including Phil White, video artist Lydia Baker and visual effects guru John Attard creating 2D derivatives of the 3D content he created for a 6 metre circular screen which is downstage of the arch, fed via a timecode sync'd Grass Valley T2 playback system.

The video on the circle relates to the narrative of the song, while the more ambient images projected via the GrassHopper system onto the arch behind provide 'background visuals'. Masked for a perfect fit via the GrassHopper, they fill the whole stage width and look highly effective on the matt white arch screen surface, which is an integral scenic element to this complex, multi-layered show.

Phil is extremely happy with the GrassHopper which runs reliably every day, "It's exactly what we wanted" he comments. It also takes on an expanded role as it continues through the UK tour and onwards with about 20 major festivals already booked for the summer, for practicality and convenience, the entire video system used for these shows will be run from the Grasshopper via timecode.

Ryan Brown comments that the service and back up from A.C. Video has been excellent, "The technical information, knowledge and support is brilliant and always there when needed" he confirms.

Lee House predicts that GrassHopper will become very popular for a wide variety of medium size productions that are now utilising HD, offering the software features of the Hippotizer HD - in a cost conscious package.

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