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15 minutes and counting

12th November 2001

Ask well known American lighting designer Warren Flynn what it's like to be behind a lighting desk when suddenly power to the desk disappears and you'll hear from a man with strong views on the subject. Particularly when the occasion is an important showcase event for a new US artist.

This is exactly the scenario that befell Warren when Mercury Record's new signing Andrew W. K. appeared at 'the garage' in north London on the evening of Tuesday 23rd October 2001. As Andrew and his band took the stage, unbeknown to anyone a band member accidentally kicked a trip on a distribution unit feeding power to the front of house position. Fortunately, Warren had specified an MA Lighting grandMA console and as the power disappeared the console instantly switched over to its integral uninterruptible power supply (UPS) and a screen message alerted Warren to the situation. This facility provided the option to save the show data or continue working for up to 15 minutes. During this time a technician was dispatched to the stage and quickly realised where the problem lay and restored the power.

An unfazed Warren Flynn was quick to comment "I just love this console more and more. In a situation like this it's a real butt saver. Instead of just dying on me, in kicks the UPS enabling me to calmly assess the situation with enough time to react accordingly". The UPS facility is a standard inclusion in the MA Lighting grandMA, grandMA light consoles and the grandMA replay unit.