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Zero 88 Chilli Pro 4-10i Dimmer

Product Code ZE0112000
Manufacturer Zero 88

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  • Number of channels: 4
  • DMX Address: Addressable per channel
  • Channel Capacity: 0.1Amin /10A max
  • Total dimmer capacity: 40A (Single Phase)
  • Dimmer duty cycle: 100%
  • Dimmer Curves: Normal, Linear, Switched and Square
  • Memories: 12
  • Sequences: 3
  • Topset: Selectable per channel.
  • Supply voltage: 200-255V (Option for 100-130V)
  • Operates on single phase
  • Supply frequency: 40 to 70Hz auto-sensing and auto-tracking
  • Rise Time: 80uS
  • Control input: DMX via terminal block accepts
  • DMX 512-1990. Start address set via front panel controls. DMX termination may be switched in or out internally.
  • Channel outlets: Outlet connections via 6mm² terminal strip.
  • Case has the following knockouts:
    • Top 1 x Ø28.5mm, 4 x Ø22.5mm, 4 x Ø25.5mm.
    • Bottom 1 x Ø25.5mm, 1 x Ø22.5mm
  • Channel protection: 10A, curve C, neutral disconnect, thermal magnetic circuit breaker per channel, breaking capacity 6000A.
  • Cooling: Convection
  • Dimensions: h=400mm, w=220mm, d=155mm
  • Weight: 7Kg (15.5lb)

Additonal Networking Specifications:

  • 10 Areas / Zones
  • 1 Master Area / Zone
  • 12 Memories per Area / Zone
  • 3 Assignable Sequences per dimmer
  • Alarm Input
  • User selectable DMX interface relationship
  • DMX on/off
  • DMX precedence or HTP


High specification dimmers for installation, available in 4, 6, 12 and 24 channel formats

The Chilli range offers a high density dimming solution whilst retaining ease of installation. The intuitive Chilli user interface allows operators to quickly set up and operate the dimmers. Using intelligent design, the Chilli range offers an efficient and reliable solution to a range of dimming applications. The user interface, comprising a backlit 16 button numeric keypad and LCD screen, ensures that even in the dark the full range of Chilli features can be accessed. DMX addressing, preheat and dimmer curves can all be set with minimum fuss.

The Chilli provides a built in programmable backup memory and a choice of responses to a DMX failure. Installation of the Chilli dimmer is simple. The unit is located by two screws and secured by a further two. The front panel is easy to remove for installation and maintenance. The ease of installation and commissioning ensures a minimal time on site.

The Chilli dimmer provides exceptional control for DMX applications, but with the addition of our external control units, a host of new applications and system designs become available.

With applications that range from controlling the lights in a small bar to high end theatrical control, the Chilli dimmer range provides an out-of-the-box solution for different applications. Using our custom-written ChilliNet protocol, the Chilli accessories provide simple and rapid installation tools for system monitoring, environmental lighting control and architectural systems.

Each channel of a Chilli dimmer can have an individual DMX address, preheat and a top-set level. Standard Chilli dimmers feature single pole MCB's on each channel and Pro versions offer neutral disconnect MCB protection per channel.

12 Memories can be stored on each dimmer and these can be used to create 3 chase sequences of up to 12 steps each.

4, 6, 12 and 24 channel versions of the Chilli are available, along with special 4 and 12 channel units for controlling HF and DSI Ballasts and non-dimmable loads.

Chilli Net

Chilli has a number of features designed to meet the needs of the professional user including a variety of playback options, network capability through ChilliNet and comprehensive configuration options through the backlit onboard interface.

The ChilliNet system uses standard CAT 5 cabling to interconnect the units in the system. Units are daisy chained together up to the maximum network limits. CAN Bus provides a stable network protocol for ChilliNet to run over.

Zoning software allows users to assign any dimmer channel to any one of 10 zones or areas. This enables one dimmer in an architectural system to be used to control multiple areas within a room or environment.

Take a nightclub, which has 6 areas, each requiring 4 channels of dimming and localised control as an example. The zoning software enables one 24 channel dimmer to be split into 6 areas, each area having 4 channels and each area with its own control panel. This allows for shorter installation time and costs as only one mains supply is needed and only one dimmer installed.

The zoning software provides

  • 10 Areas/Zones
  • 1 Master Area/Zone
  • 12 Memories Per Area/Zone
  • 3 Assignable Sequences Per Dimmer
  • Alarm Input
  • User Selectable DMX interface relationship - DMX on/off, DMX takes precedence, LTP or HTP.

All Chilli Dimmers are compatible with the Zero 88 Frog Box.

Key Features

  • 4 dimmer laws, selectable per channel
  • 12 memories
  • 3 sequences
  • Topset
  • DMX addressing
  • Channel Preheat
  • RDM Enabled
  • Zoning Options
  • 100% Duty Cycle
  • User defined backup memory
  • Automatic frequency tracking 40 to 70Hz
  • MCB per channel
  • Optional incoming supply RCD protection
  • Simple User Interface
  • Built in, switchable, DMX line termination
  • Easy wall mount installation, four screws.
  • Common Service applications need only a screwdriver
  • Convection Cooling

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