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Zero 88 - Control


With a combination of theatrical control philosophy and an adaptable hardware platform, the ORB console has been designed to meet the challenges of 21st century lighting control. Building on user feedback and based upon the highly successful ZerOS operating system, ORB provides intuitive control of both generic dimmers and moving lights for medium to large theatre applications.

Orb XF

Building on the success of the ORB lighting console, the ORB XF adds additional fader control for intensity channels and live submaster playback, making it ideal for control of live events. Combining theatrical syntax with 60 multifunction faders, ORB XF provides intuitive control of both generic dimmers and moving lights.


Solution is a fully featured, comprehensive and robust lighting console built on the high performance ZerOS operating software platform. Solution offers simple hands on control of conventional generic and moving light parameters across 248 devices and 2048 channels with submaster and cue stack control.

Solution XL

Solution XL shares the feature set of the Solution console built into a larger platform of 296 devices and 600 submasters making it attractive for the largest multi-functional venues.

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