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Tourflex® Datasafe™ and Datasafe Ultra™

With today’s lighting systems featuring an increasing number of control channels, harsher environments and a longer life expectancy, it is more critical than ever to use high quality data cable, to avoid the risk of potential technical faults over the cable’s life.

Tourflex® Datasafe™ cables have been setting new standards of performance in the entertainment industry for over 20 years. In the past decade alone, over 1,500km of Datasafe cable has been supplied to leading rental companies, installers and venues worldwide.

Datasafe Ultra
The high flexing characteristics of the Datasafe Ultra™ cables range makes it ideal for productions and touring applications.

Datasafe 4B
The Datasafe 4B cable is designed for permanent installations or applications that have higher safety and protection requirements. Along with the three standard DMX cables, (1 pair, 2 pair & digital colour changer), Tourflex offers three additional cables for specific applications.

Tourflex Datasafe Ultra Cat5E and Cat6A Ethernet Cable brings the ruggedness of the DMX Datasafe Ultra cables to the Ethernet world. By utilising the same toughened jacket - unlike standard Ethernet cables - this extremely durable cable has been designed to withstand the rigours of the touring world.

Tourflex Datasafe Cat6A and Cat7 Ethernet Cable has been designed for situations when faster speeds or greater distances are required than the Cat5e cable can offer.

Tourflex Datasafe Ultra Hybrid Power & Data Cable range provides solutions for transporting power and data over a single cable. To maintain absolute safety, the power and data cores are separately insulated.

Tourflex Datasafe 4B Two Pair LSOH 1000v Insulated DMX Cable features a low smoke and zero halogen jacket that reduces the amount of toxic and corrosive gas emitted during combustion. This feature is critical for installations that include poorly ventilated areas, such as ships. An additional benefit is the 1000v insulation rating for the inner cores - offering greater protection in the event of a fault.

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