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Spotlight Mini Profile ZS LW Zoom 20 - 40 Degree 150w 24v Halogen Lamps

Manufacturer Spotlight

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Profile Spots give accurate control of beam size, shape and quality. The lamp and reflector are stationary: movement of the lens adjusts the quality of the beam edge to the required degree of hardness and softness.

Size and shape of the beam are controlled at the optical center of the system where there is usually a set of four-sided shutters to provide any desired shape size with straight edges. The optical system allows the projection of slides or Gobos.


Type of light

  • Small and compact, the Zoom Profile Spot uses condenser optics with a continuous adjustable beam. Particularly designed for accent lighting of retail areas, exhibition spaces, art galleries, museums, places of worship and also image projection. The four dedicated adjustable shutters can be used to shape the beam as desired. The focus adjustment allows even adjustment of the beam to give well defined, sharp edges, or a softer edge effect.
  • Adjustable zoom form 20° to 40°


  • Version LW/CT and LW for halogen lamps – 24 V. For low voltage halogen lamps 150 W, 24 V.
  • Lighting characteristics as for the 230 V version, but with a whiter light, optimum colour rendering, higher efficiency and low consumption.


  • LW/CT: features a “built-in” transformer and is supplied directly at 230 V
  • LW: can be connected to an external transformer that can also be placed remotely from the luminaire
  • Adjustable zoom form 20° to 40°
  • Condenser optic system
  • M size gobo holder
  • 4 removable and adjustable shaping shutters
  • Extruded aluminium and steel housing
  • Filter-frame locking system
  • Yoke with 10 mm diameter hole, reversible for use in any position
  • Heat insulated knobs and handles
  • Easy focus adjustment by sliding knob
  • Anti scratch Epoxy resin paint (standard black)
  • 1.5 m power supply cable (plug available on request)
  • Standard 230 V or 24 V power supply (others on request)
  • Strain relief cable clamp
  • Access for lamp maintenance via removable top cover
  • Spherical reflector of 99.99% polished and treated aluminium
  • Compliance with CE EN 60598-2

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