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Luminex Splitter DMX512-A 2.10 Hub

Distribute up to 2 DMX lines to 10 outputs. Bidirectional fully isolated RDM / DMX splitter, booster. 2 Input zones and 10 selectable outputs. All in 1 unit 19" rack space.

Product Code LU0100006-5P
Manufacturer Luminex

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The DMX Hub is a DMX distribution box with 2 dedicated input connectors and 10 configurable output connectors. All in- and output connectors conform to the new DMX 512-A standard. This allows half-duplex data transport on a normal DMX connection such as fixture talk back and RDM.

The hub has 2 separate DMX zones with all outlets protected individually. The hub can be used to distribute 1024 dmx channels on the 2 DMX lines.

This all comes in a 19", 1 unit high metal housing.

The hub has 10 configurable output connectors (default configuration with Neutrik 5 pin female). Every outlet has a tiny switch to select whether it's connected to zone 1 or zone 2. In this way the user can configure the device to be used to his needs, defining every outlet separately to a zone. All outlets on the same zone are bi-directional and communicate together.
The device operates with an AC voltage between 85V and 264V. The power management circuit regulates the internal power and loads the internal backup battery. The internal backup battery insures the operation of the complete unit for 30 minutes (when fully loaded). This means that during power failure, your DMX distribution is not interrupted and the complete optical and galvanic protection remains on every single outlet.

A tri-coloured LED next to the power switch indicates the power situation.

Key Features


  • 2 DMX512-A in/outputs on 5 pin male XLR, with termination (RDM compliant)
  • 10 DMX512-A in/outputs on 5 pin female XLR, with termination (RDM compliant)
  • fixed mains lead (90-260 VAC, 47-63 Hz)
  • 2 DMX512-A in/outputs on 5 pin male XLR on the back panel (identical to the 2 zone inputs on the front end)
  • Availables connectors : Neutrik XLR 3 & 5 pins, Ethercon. Mixed configurations on demand


Inputs: 2 x Neutrik 5 pin XLR male (front)
2 x Neutrik 5 pin XLR male (back)
Outlets: 10 x Neutrik 5 pin XLR female
DMX Port Direction: input/output (bidirectional)
DMX Port Termination/Biasing: yes
DMX Protocol: DMX512 (1990), DMX512-A (RDM),
HighEnd Talkback,... (protocol independent)
Propagation Delay: 500 ns
Turnround Time (direction change): 90 µs
Port Load: max. 32 devices per port
Connector Type: Neutrik XLR 3 or 5 Pins, Ethercon
mixed configuration available
Status Report
Power and Backup Battery: power and battery status indicated with
tricolour LED
DMX Port: data activity (blue LED)
Power Input: 90-260 VAC
47-63 Hz
Power Consumption: 20 W
Optical Isolation: up to 1000 V
Galvanic Isolation: up to 530 V
Short Circuit Protection: yes
Operating Temperature: 0 to +60 °C
Storage Temperature: 0 to +60 °C
Size: 482 x 172 x 44 mm

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