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LSC APS 12Ch x 16A Advanced Power Distribution Rack

The new LSC APS distribution units control the power-on sequence of each of the individual output circuits and units can be connected together.

Product Code LSAPS12/16X
Manufacturer LSC

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Product detail

Power Distribution is the most critical components of any system and lighting is no exception particularly these days when almost every fixture now needs its own mains power source. However with each fixture needing power, new problems are introduced particularly during the power up sequence.

Firstly, in-rush currents of all the power supplies and lamps starting up at the same time often causes main breakers to trip and secondly the transient currents drawn by the power supplies cause earth protection breakers to trip. To avoid these effects results in complicated power up sequences usually requiring a human sitting there switching circuits on one at a time.

The new LSC APS distribution units are a solution to this and other problems by controlling the power-on sequence of each of the individual output circuits. In its simplest form, a single command starts the sequence and then each of the 12 outputs is turned on one output at a time with a programmable time before the next circuit turns on. In this way the peak current drawn is always low and upstream breakers will not trip. 

APS units can be connected together where more than 12 circuits are required and the units automatically cascade - that is, the second unit won't commence its start up sequence until the first has finished.

Key features

  • Automatic power On/Off of circuits when DMX is detected
  • Combined MCB and RCD (RCBO) breakers - circuit breaker with earth leakage protection (RCD/GFI) for each circuit
  • RCBO breaker also provides Neutral Disconnect function. Staggered power up of outputs to prevent overloading of the supply feed breakers (cascading of multiple units is also possible)
  • Control via DMX512 - presence detected turns outputs on and loss of DMX turns outputs off after a preset time delay eg. 19 minutes
  • Control via GPI contact closure
  • Control via RDM; Cascading startup for individual units via XLR5 cabling and/or based on unit number; Manual override via front panel
  • 10A, 16A & 25A variants
  • Operation on any mains voltage in the range of 100-240V per phase. Monitoring of input voltages (3-phase), frequency and currents
  • Programmable overvoltage and undervoltage trips to protect loads
  • Voltage and current reporting via RDM; Three phase operation
  • Single phase operation possible but input current must be limited to 63A in total




Max Load per channel

16 Amps

Thermo-Magnetic Breakers


RCD/GFI protection


RCD/GFI Current Trip


DMX-512A input with RDM functionality


Control surface

3.2" color LCD with touchscreen.

Voltage monitoring


Current monitoring


Min and Max trip levels per channel


Three Phase or single phase operation


Remote control via RDM


Manual Control


Automated startup


Startup Time Delay (ch to ch)


Units Cascadable


Output Connector Options

  • 12 x Powercon connectors
  • 12 x Schuko Connectors
  • Hardwired (terminals)
  • 2 x Wieland (Harting) 16-pin multi-pole connectors
  • 2 x 19-pin Socapex multi-pole connectors

Power Supply

Nominal 100-240 Volts. 3-phase star. 50-60Hz (Single phase operation possible - 63A max). Operating range typically 90-260V, 45-65Hz.

Power Input Connection

Hard-wired models are provided with 5 screw terminals for input power - no cable.Australian and Export models are fitted with a three phase 1.2m H07 rubber 5 core x 10.0mm2 cable with bare ends.

Control Input

DMX512 (1990) or DMX512-A (E1-11) and RDM (E1-20) via Front panel mounted 5-pin AXR in and thru connectors.

Product Dimensions WxDxH

483 x 300 x 132 mm. 19.0 x 11.8 x 5.25 inches.

Product Weight (Packed)

13kg. 28.6lb.

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