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Spotlight FresneLED 250w Fresnel Tuneable White DMX Control With Colour Frame

Product Code SPFNLED250TWDMX1
Manufacturer Spotlight

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Spotlight FresneLED 250w
Fresnel Tuneable White DMX Control With Colour Frame

250W high efficiency LED, long-lasting, tunable CCT (3000-6500K), high CRI (>92), zoom 13°-79° The performances of a 1000W incandescent tungsten lamp fixture with only 250W power and a life 30 times longer. Possibility of generating white light in different colour temperature, from 3000 to 6500K, for theatre, TV and film applications. Smooth and continous dimming from 0 to 100% without changing colour temperature.

Key Features

  • FresneLED 250 TW can be successfully employed together with other conventional tungsten lamps in theatre and studio applications saving a lot of energy and heat. 
  • Moreover, thanks to the possibility of changing the colour temperature (tunable CCT) it can be used as outdoor fill light in TV and film shoots.
  • The extra long life of the light source, more than 30.000 hours, practically cancels the maintenance cost especially where the lamp replacement is uneasy.
  • The system controls through DMX both the intensity and the colour temperatures. In addition the same functions can be controlled by local keyboard on the fixture.
  • The direct dimming control in DMX let it be coordinated with any other kind of intelligent light, saving dimmer packs and dedicated power lines.
  • The auxiliary DMX sharp strobe function makes it suitable for special effects and as warning device as well.
  • The perfect dimming capability makes it the only daylight source inherently dimmable without any external mechanical support.
  • The absence of IR and UV rays let any colour filter in front of it live much longer than in any conventional fixture.

FresneLED 250 TW uses the same housing of the well-known VARIO 12 halogen spotlight, in order to keep the same professional features: strong aluminium die-cast structure with excellent ventilation for the best heat dissipation and the use of the same standard family of accessories.


  • Colour filter frame 168x168 mm
  • 4 leaf barn doors
  • DMX scroller colour changer
  • Hook clamps for 30 - 50 mm. trusses
  • Safety rope with spring hook


  • Pole operated yoke version
  • DMX motorised yoke version


  • DMX with RDM: 8 or 16 bit definition for a higher smooth control.
  • RDM facility for faster configuration of the devices, and to get back info from the fixture.
  • LOCAL: for simple installations where DMX is not available
  • ETHERNET (optional): for large installations with more than one DMX universe.


  • 250W, 100-240V, 50/60Hz


  • LxWxH: 415x265x423

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