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  • Spotlight MINI FresneLED 50 NW, 50w, Natural White 4000K With DMX Control And Colour Frame

Spotlight MINI FresneLED 50 NW, 50w, Natural White 4000K With DMX Control And Colour Frame

Please note the barn doors are not included, but are available separately as an accessory.

Product Code SPFNLED50NWDMX-1
Manufacturer Spotlight

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High efficiency, long-lasting, innovative white light source: A family of Fresnel luminaires with 50W white led chip available in a wide bunch of options, suitable to the most comprehensive uses: from the most simple plug in version, to the professional version with DMX and local dimming control. Ideal for installation where energy saving and maintenance cost reduction are important: shop windows, malls, museums, exhibitions, art galleries and rental companies, but also: small TV studios, photographer etc.


• Adjustable beam from 12° hot spot to 76° even wide flood
• Light output higher than the usual 300W halogen lamps, with energy saving and less heat production
• Life, at least 10 times longer than any halogen lamp: saving the cost of the lamp and of its replacement
• No dangerous UV or IR rays for the safe lighting of the people and objects
• Extra long life of any coloured filters thanks to the cold and clean light beam
• Different colour temperature versions available with the same long life of the source (3000 K, 4000 K, 5600 K)
• Possibility of dimming, without the problem of changing the colour temperature
• Real further energy saving when dimming: as the reduction of light corresponds to the real reduction of the costs
• Clean light source without mercury and radioactive components
• Use of the same range of accessories of the standard mini range (barn door, filter holder, hooks, etc)

Two versions are available:
• DMX control version: it can be controlled through DMX or a local potentiometer without need of any external dimmer
• Mains dimmable plug in version: it can work and control the light output under a dimmable line as any normal halogen fixture

All the versions can be supplied with 3 different colour temperature LEDS:
• warm white: for the best colour rendering and matching with halogen sources (3000K)
• natural white: the best compromise between the other two versions (4000K)
• cool white: for the highest light efficiency (5600K)

Optional custom configuration:
• external power supply: in order to reduce the size of the luminaire in the exhibit area and/or cost saving, the fixtures can be supplied with a remote power supply for one or more units
• white, real silver and other RAL colours on request

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