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Spotlight Optical Condensor 20 - 41 Degree Zoom Evolution

Product Code SPEVO12HZW
Manufacturer Spotlight

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• Standard 230V, 50/60Hz power supply (others available on request) 
• Lamp-holder type GX 9.5 
• 2m power supply cable (plug available on request) 
• Strain relief cable clamp entry into light housing

• Automatic power cut-out by bipolar microswitch on opening the lamptray 
• Safety mesh (optional) 
• Safety bond attachment 
• Filter-frame locking system 
• Compliance to CE EN 60598-2-17 standards

• 3 lenses zoom 
• Optical system with 2 condenser lenses 
• 4 removable shaping shutters mounted between plates specially treated with an anti-abrasive surface 
• 18-leaf iris diaphragm (optional) 
• Spherical reflector in 99.99% polished and treated aluminium 
• High output definition for gobo projection 
• Optical tempered glass lenses with anti-reflective coating 
• Scales on zoom guides

• Die-cast extruded aluminium housing 
• Black optical internal paint to give no light reflection and high temperature resistance 
• Black Epoxy Resin paint 
• Labyrinth ventilation to avoid light spillage

• B size gobo holder slots covered by a sliding door to prevent the accessories from falling out and to avoid spill light
• Exclusively designed zoom and focusing system with fast locking levers 
• Sliding door to access lenses for maintenance 
• Lamp-tray hinged to the housing and completely removable for easy maintenance 
• Double sliding doors to access lenses for maintenance 
• Yoke with 10mm diameter hole and DIN type, adjustable height, reversible and sliding into extruded rails 
• Accessory top covered by a door 
• Quick tilt positioning with fast locking levers 
• Heat insulated knobs and handles 
• Removable lantern and optics

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