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ETC Source Four CE With Dimmer, Black

Fixture body and dimmer only, lens tube available separately.

Product Code ET7060A1801-0X
Manufacturer ETC

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The Source Four Dimmer offers a new standard in 230V high performance tungsten lighting applications with an integrated dimmer. Using ETC's Electronic Silent* (ES) technology and a convection cooled design, this high-performance dimmer can be placed in auditoriums with very demanding acoustic requirements. By taking DMX control signals directly, this self-dimming tungsten fixture can now reside alongside LEDs and moving lights, allowing system designs that focus on switched power and data distribution instead of centralised dimming systems.


Applications requiring distributed dimming and position flexibility:

  • Theatre
  • Hybrid incandescent, LED and discharge systems.
  • Industrial productions
  • Hire inventory
  • Conference and exhibition centres
  • Multi-use venues such as schools and meeting rooms

Key Features

  • ES Dimming technology
    • Reduces 230V input to 115V output for increased lamp efficiency
    • Produces no lamp noise (Exceeds all risetime specs)
    • Electronics sound pressure level less than 0dBA at 1meter
    • Convection-cooled
  • ANSI E1.20 RDM and ANSI E1.11 DMX512A
  • Yoke-mount; Universal-mounting bracket included, direct-mounting on a fixture yoke in multiple orientations to accommodate maximum flexibility
  • Local operation
    • One press dim to FULL for easy focusing (press again to release to DMX input)
    • Up and down level control
    • Returns to previous level after power loss
  • No electrical assembly required: Ships as complete kit with burner assembly - just mount to the yoke and place lamp burner at the back of an existing fixture

*Sound level pressure falls below minimum audible field 0-20khz @ < 1 meter from unit



  • Designed for use with all tungsten Source Four® family luminaires
  • Electronic Silent technology for operation free of dimmerand lamp filament noise
  • Changes your Source Four into a truly distributed luminaire with onboard dimming and control
  • Electronic Dimming with harmonic and noise suppression
  • Acoustic specification replaces dimmer rise time


  • Manufactured of epoxy painted aluminium body and anodised aluminium heat sink
  • Multiple yoke-fixing hole combinations for flexible mounting to the fixture
  • Convection-cooled; operates without cooling fans


  • Input power feed:
    • Suggested breaker sizing: 16A
    • Voltage ranges: 85-140V, 180-260V
    • Frequency range: 47-63Hz
  • Output regulation options for 230V operation:
    • Accoustic specification replaces risetime 115V output:
      Maximum luminaire efficiency is achieved using 115V lamps
    • 230V output: use with standard 230V lamps
  • Bare-end power cable input
  • Lamp burner directly connected to output cable
  • 2500V isolation between control and power components
  • Max output 750W
  • DMX* In and Thru
  • DMX thru is not self-terminating
  • Electronic overcurrent protection
  • CE Compliant

*Represents 1/4 unit device load for purpose of calculating DMX daisy-chain device count (max 32 Unit devices per DMX chain)


  • Maximum ambient temperature 40°C
  • Humidity between 10 - 95%, non-condensing
  • Convection-cooled
  • Optimum cooling when mounted with heatsink fins in vertical position


  • DMX512A/RDM In and Through via 5-Pin XLR connectors
  • Supports up to 32 units on one DMX line
  • RDM features:
    • Discover (flashes light output)
    • Find and set DMX address
    • Change curve
    • Receive overcurrent/undercurrent warnings
    • Receive overtemperature warning
  • Three-button local control: Focus/test, up and down
    • Single button dim to full for focus
    • Up/down buttons for setting DMX address or for local intensity control
  • One status indicator: Multicolour LED for power, error and valid DMX
  • Three selectable dimmer output curves:
    • IES modified square law
    • Linear
    • Switched (50% threshold)

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