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Selecon Lui Flood 1-Maximum 1000w Lamp

Product Code SE10LUIFLD1
Manufacturer Selecon

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Designed for the working theatre and studio

The Lui Flood range delivers a 90° flood beam with high light output, well-controlled edges and very even distribution for larger cycs up to 8m high or longer throw distances for permanent installations or rental / production temporary installations.

The light beam can be shaped using the barndoor accessory.

Intense Colour Washes

The unique dual chamber airflow design uses a temperature differential and rapid airflow to quickly remove heat which maximises and extends the life of your colour filters.

The Selecon colour frame for the Hui, Lui and Aurora ranges gently clamps the plastic filter while holding the frame away from the luminaire body to reduce (-20°C) the transference of the heat from the luminaire into the frame and plastic filter.

Based on anecdotal evidence, this heat exhaust system together with the clamp filter holder delivers up to 50%-70% longer filter life compared to other open-faced cyc floods of comparative wattage.

More Light Where You Want It

You can count on consistent performance, control, shape and distribution from every Selecon Cyc or Flood.

This is guaranteed by the extruded aluminium reflector design which ensures the precise specification of the asymmetric shape from luminaire to luminaire in contrast to the often variable performance of reflectors made from formed sheet metal.

Key Features

For the Working Theatre

  • Robust construction withstands the rigours of the road.
  • Secure focus lock-off with our proven tilt lock clamp.
  • Re-lamp without removing the colour filter or breaking focus.

Models for all Applications

  • Single units plus 3-way and 4-way battens.
  • Available with multi-connectors, and options for in/out cable tails or in/out multi-connectors.
    'Slot-lock' system joins single or multiple battens together.


  • Extruded aluminium reflectors ensure the 90-degree beam and guarantee performance from luminaire to luminaire.
  • Smooth, well-controlled beam.
  • Robust construction designed to withstand the most gruelling rental and production work.
  • Shape the beam, contain glare with the 4-door barndoor accessory.
  • Work Light model available for overstage / rehearsal applications.


  • Selecon's heat removal system, protects and maximises your colour filter life.


  • Make your own battens using the Lui slot lock joining system that allows a number of units to be ‘locked' together.
  • Relamp without removing the filter or breaking focus.
  • Colour filter holder is held captive by a spring-hinged extruded cover that also blocks unwanted light spill.


  • Cabling/connector options - 3-way and 4-way linear battens are available with panel mount options to allow for multi connectors and ‘connect through' wiring options. This ‘G' batten model comes supplied with a double mounting plate containing 2 x 32mm cable glands and 2 x single blank mounting plates.


  • Automatic power disconnection via microswitch isolate the mains supply (both phase and neutral) when opening, preventing the insertion of a lamp into a live socket.
  • Safety glass ensures that in the unlikely event of a lamp exploding, the remains are held captive within the luminaire.

Supplied with

  • Colour frame(s), fitted safety chain(s), suspension bolt set and short form instruction sheet.
  • Three-year Warranty.


The Selecon Cyc and Flood ranges are high performance entertainment luminaires designed for entertainment and studio applications, they are not designed for continuous use as required for a work light or rehearsal light. For these applications please use our Lui Work Light.

Colour frame size 265mm x 203mm 
8" x 10 3/8"
Accessories 4-door barndoor, joiner set (2 of) Lui slot locks
Weights Single: 4.1kg / 9lb
3-way batten: 10.7kg / 23lb 5oz
4-way batten: 14kg / 31lb
Certification CE

Recommended Lamps
Lamp socket : R7, 189mm linear halogen lamps
2000hrs average life

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