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IEC-Lock To Bare Ends 2m Cable With Warning Label

The IEC Lock grips the earth pin of the existing chassis power-in connector on your device. Use the IEC Lock power cable just like a normal power cable, but when you unplug you pull back the red button on the underside of the connector to release the lock

Product Code SCPC1223
Manufacturer IEC-Lock

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IEC lockIEC-lock power leads are suitable for use with any standard IEC inlet.

The IEC-lock is an IEC female line plug with an integral locking system that is backwardly compatible with existing IEC male inlet sockets. An internal latch clamps the earth pin, making it resistant to accidental disconnection and vibration. The IEC-lock is used just like a normal power cable, except to unplug it, you simply pull back a red button on the underside of the connector to release the lock.

IEC-lock's patented locking mechanism is beautifully simple and is ideal for use in many varied applications.

  • Unique Patented Female C13 connector, suitable for use with any standard IEC inlet.
  • Protects computer equipment from accidental disconnection.
  • Ideal for protecting entertainment technology electrical appliences that are vunerable to vibration.
  • Suitable for various Data Communications applications that require a secure power source.


Product codes
SCEL1825 IEC-lock to universal Schuko plug 2m cable
SCPC1025 IEC-lock to bare ends 2m cable
SCPC720 IEC-lock to 13A plug (5A fuse) 2m cable
Cable Size 3 x 1.00mm H05 W-F Black
Test information
Test body KEMA - KEUR
Test standard IEC/EN 60320-1
Patent information
U.K. Patent No. GB2383202B
International Patent Application No. PCT/GB02/05714

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