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Tourmate Multilock Plus 19pin Spider Male Connector with Crimp Contacts and 2.5mm Spider Clamp

Product Code TMMLP19LMCSPR2.5
Manufacturer Tourmate Multilock Plus

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With today's live shows and events requiring increasingly more sophisticated power distribution systems, it is more critical than ever to use high quality mains connectors, to avoid the risk of potential technical faults over the power system's life.

Designed to terminate multiway power cables, to reliably transport six separate mains connections over a single cable, the Tourmate® Multilock™ 19-pin connectors range has been utilised by some of the industry's most demanding productions for more than a decade. In this time, over 100,000 Multilock connectors have been supplied to leading rental companies, installers and venues worldwide.

The latest generation of connectors, Multilock Plus™, continues the range's pedigree of delivering innovation, quality, performance and reliability at an economical cost. Extremely robust construction, safety-conscious design and a comprehensive feature-set make them the connector of choice for harsh environments, or where longevity is of paramount importance - such as the professional touring and theatre marketplaces.

The Safe Option

Designed to handle the rigours of day-to-day use, Multilock Plus connectors are manufactured from machined aluminium with thick wall construction, and finished in a hard black plating. The insert stack is manufactured from chloroprene rubber, allowing the use of removable contacts in crimp or solder versions.

When mated, Multilock Plus connectors are watertight to IP67, making them ideal for use at outdoor events and in applications where water may be encountered. User safety is assured through a combination of a two-tier recessed female pin arrangement and First Mate, Last Break earth contacts. Optional grounding disks may be fitted to enable bussing of all earth contacts.

Integral Insulation

The line connector backshell is fitted with an integral insulator. This form of construction provides all the benefits of a strong outer metal shell, with the electrical safety characteristics offered by a non-conductive inner sleeve - preventing the possibility of broken wires touching the connector shell.

Robust Spider Clamp

The optional spider clamp makes the construction of six-circuit cable assemblies simple and neat. Each cable is individually clamped to ensure good strain relief, and is sealed to provide a watertight connection to IP67.

The spider clamps are available in two sizes:

1.5 to suit 3 x 1.5mm² HO7 RN-F and AWG 16/15 cable
2.5 to suit 3 x 2.5mm² HO7 RN-F and AWG 14/13 cable

Key Features

  • Six circuit identification
  • IP67 watertight connection when mated
  • First Mate, Last Break earth contacts
  • Recessed pins for added safety
  • Crimp and solder versions
  • Industry first jacketed split female pin for greater reliability
  • Integral backshell insulation
  • Socapex / Veam compatible
  • Heavy duty coupling ring
  • High salt atmosphere resistance
  • Standard width recessed groove for easy colour-coding
  • Optional spider clamp for six-cable assemblies
  • Optional coloured locking rings available
  • Optional gold plated contacts available


Ingress Protection IP67 when mated
Voltage Rating 700V AC / 500V DC
Rated Current 41A max / 23A continuous
Dielectric Strength 2kV AC test voltage
Operating Temperature -55°C to +125°C
Contacts Silver plated brass crimp or solder
(Gold available on request)
Insert Material Chloroprene rubber
Connector Material Line: Aluminium
Panel: Aluminium
Finish: Black anodised
Compliance RoHS, EN60329

Products In The Range

TMMLP19LMS Line male solder version (M40 cable gland)
TMMLP19LMSSPR1.5 Line male solder version (spider clamp for 3 × 1.5mm² & AWG 16/15)
TMMLP19LMSSPR2.5 Line male solder version (spider clamp for 3 × 2.5mm² & AWG 14/13)
TMMLP19LFS Line female solder version (M40 cable gland)
TMMLP19LFSSPR1.5 Line female solder version (spider clamp for 3 × 1.5mm² & AWG 16/15)
TMMLP19LFSSPR2.5 Line female solder version (spider clamp for 3 × 2.5mm² & AWG 14/13)
TMMLP19PMS Panel male solder version
TMMLP19PFS Panel female solder version
TMMLP19LMC Line male crimp version (M40 cable gland)
TMMLP19LMCSPR1.5 Line male crimp version (spider clamp for 3 × 1.5mm² & AWG 16/15)
TMMLP19LMCSPR2.5 Line male crimp version (spider clamp for 3 × 2.5mm² & AWG 14/13)
TMMLP19LFC Line female crimp version (M40 cable gland)
TMMLP19LFCSPR1.5 Line female crimp version (spider clamp for 3 × 1.5mm² & AWG 16/15)
TMMLP19LFCSPR2.5 Line female crimp version (spider clamp for 3 × 2.5mm² & AWG 14/13)
TMMLP19PMC Panel male crimp version
TMMLP19PFC Panel female crimp version
TMMLP19-GRS Grounding disks

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