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New Starlite Mk5 Zoom Gets Representation from A.C. Lighting

3rd July 2000

Following considerable success at the top end of the market, Starlite Mk5 distributor Lane Lighting has passed the baton to High Wycombe based A.C. Lighting to launch the product into the mainstream market.

At the same time, the latest generation of the fixture has been launched, featuring an 18° - 35° zoom module. With the launch of the new fixture, A.C. Lighting announced a substantial price reduction, basing the discount on their ability to capitalise on A.C. Lightings existing extensive facilities.

A.C. Lighting's Marketing Director, Glyn O'Donoghue, commented "I believe that the Starlite Mk5 has been perceived as out of reach by many. Most people who saw it wanted to use it, but didn't believe they could afford it. This has meant that the fixture has only seen action on premium projects. A.C. Lighting aim to change all that and make the product affordable to a much wider market."

During the past 2 years the Starlite Mk5 has contributed to the success of many of the major UK festivals and events, with appearances at Glastonbury, V98 & V99, Reading, Party in the Park and Homelands. In addition, the fixture was used in abundance at one of the most prestigious events of last year, the opening of London's Millennium Dome on 31st December 1999. Touring show credits include 'Michael Flatley's Feet of Flames', Bewitched and Massive Attack, further adding to its pedigree.

The new Zoom fixture focuses on an important part of the original fixture design, in its modularity. Along with being standard on new units, the new zoom option is completely retro-fittable to existing fixtures, enabling existing rental fleets to be upgraded in part, or in whole, as and when desired.

The first customer for the new zoom fixtures was lighting design specialist Metropolis Lighting, who have just installed 6 of the units into the brand new 'Now' TV studios in West London. Commenting on his purchase, Managing Director David Hurley said, "The combination of size, features, and the new zoom facility made the Starlite the right fixture for the job, however it was the new pricing that really made me consider it seriously". He adds "I particularly like the modular design of the unit, allowing quick and easy access for cleaning and general maintenance".

Full details of the new fixture and its pricing are available from the A.C. Lighting website at or by contacting the company offices on +44 (0)1494 446000.