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  •   A.C. Lighting Announces Launch of Jands HUB24C Dimmer/Distro Unit

A.C. Lighting Announces Launch of Jands HUB24C Dimmer/Distro Unit

9th September 2001

Eliminating the usual 'birds-nest' of cables associated with separate pieces of equipment, the Jands HUB24C combines the functionality of a 15 × 10A digitally controlled dimmer, a 9 channel power distribution unit and a 1 in, 3 out DMX splitter. The HUB is the ideal choice for anyone using a mixture of conventional and intelligent moving lights and is perfectly suited for use in trade shows, small to medium sized live performances, schools and other similar applications.

HUB24C features microprocessor control with a 128 × 64 pixel graphics LCD to provide parameter and editing information via an easy-to-use menu driven user interface. Control is provided using front panel 'Select' and 'Cancel' buttons and an encoder wheel for function/level selection. All parameters are stored in battery backed memory.

The 15 × 10A dimmer channel outputs are provided on CEE16A connectors and default to a digitally generated control curve to accurately map control input to output power in a linear relationship. Additionally a switch curve and two user definable curves are selectable for use on a per channel basis. The HUB24C has in-built current transformers enabling the current consumption to be monitored on the display. The 9 distribution outlets are provided on 3 circuits, each with 3 CEE16A connectors. Each circuit is protected by a single phase 20A fast acting thermal-magnetic circuit breaker. Separate three-phase RCDs protect the dimmer and distribution outlets.

The in-built DMX splitter provides DMX in and thru connections and two opto-isolated DMX outputs with full isolation up to voltages of 500V peak. The dimmer will receive continuous banks of 15 channels on any valid start address or may be patched out of sequence. In addition the dimmer operating system may be upgraded through the DMX input connector.

HUB24C is supplied as standard with a 3 metre three-phase power cable fitted with a CEE63A connector. The HUB24C is designed to operate as a free standing unit with optional mounting kits available for 19" rack or wall mounting.