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A.C. Announces UK Exclusive Distribution Agreement with MA Lighting

9th September 2001

PLASA exhibition to be launch venue for GrandMA version 3.00 Software and new grandMA ultra-light console

Announcing the completion of a UK exclusive distribution agreement, A.C. Lighting will use its presence at the PLASA exhibition to display the product range of leading German manufacturer, MA Lighting Technology.

MA Lighting Technology has established an enviable reputation for producing lighting consoles that set new standards in harnessing the awesome power of digital technology with a control philosophy that delivers ease-of-use and maximum flexibility. This approach has led to the creation of consoles that offer sophisticated control for large lighting systems utilising hundreds or even thousands of channels. This has become vital in large productions using high numbers of complex moving lights. MA Lighting Technology has created persuasive solutions to these scenarios that enable designers to realise their creative desires. The consoles have received critical acclaim and this has been underpinned by the choice of a grandMA in the forthcoming Broadway production of Thoroughly Modern Millie at the Marriott Marquis Theatre.

The grandMA will take pride of place on the A.C. Lighting stand at PLASA and the show will be the venue for the launch of version 3.00 software. The grandMA is the largest console in the range and harnesses the benefits of the latest technologies in conjunction with the proven operational procedures that have made MA consoles an optimum solution for controlling intelligent moving lights. This is a console that is completely at home in the world of complex large-scale theatre and touring productions. The release of version 3.00 software introduces advanced networking capabilities that allow multiple operators to programme complex shows and provides facilities for full tracking backup between consoles and replay units. A distinguishing feature of the grandMA is the provision of three colour TFT touch displays with brilliant contrast and adjustable viewing angle. All output displays are interactive offering direct access for modification following the philosophy of 'see something - touch it - modify it'. In addition the console will support two optional external monitors. The console is equipped with 20 motorised faders that can be assigned to a host of functions including controlling single channels just like a preset board, varying the intensity of scenes like a memory board, manually making cross fades to the next scene and many other tasks. The console is also equipped with keyboard, mouse, mouse pad, trackball, 4 parameter encoders, in-built 2 GByte hard-drive, 3½" disk-drive and UPS (Uninterruptable Power Supply). As standard the console has 2048 control channels with softpatch to 2048 DMX addresses with 4 separate DMX512 outputs. A further 2048 DMX outputs can be provided via an ethernet upgrade. Audio input, SMPTE, MIDI, parallel printer port and RS232 ports are also provided.

A major announcement at PLASA will be the launch and first public showing of the brand new grandMA ultra-light console. This innovative console is very compact and provides 1,024 control channels (2 DMX lines), a full colour TFT touch-screen, 10 manual executor faders, 10 executor buttons, 4 encoders and 1 multifunction trackball. The console features software compatibility with the grandMA and grandMA light, permitting transfer and performance of show-files created on any members of the grandMA family. As standard the grandMA ultra-light includes ethernet, MIDI and timecode interfaces, 3½" disk-drive and hard-drive. All display and screen messages are available in 5 languages, selectable from the set-up menu.

The grandMA light is a small footprint console that performs all of the functions of the larger award-winning grandMA. The grandMA light has a reduced number of faders and touch screens but loses none of the functionality of the larger model. Complete compatibility between models enable the grandMA light to accept and run shows programmed on a grandMA. With dimensions of only 737 × 508 × 127mm (29 × 20 × 5 inches) the console requires a very little physical space which can be a major benefit in cramped FOH positions. The console is equipped with a very bright high-contrast, full colour TFT touch-screen and will support 2 additional external monitors. Facilities are provided for 4 DMX universes (with 4 more available via Ethernet), DMX in, SMPTE, MIDI, RS-232, audio input and switching analogue inputs. Also included is an in-built 3½" disk-drive, 2 Gbyte hard-disk and UPS.

The grandMA replay unit is a 19" rack mount unit that performs nearly all of the functions of the stand-alone consoles and will accept and run all shows programmed on any grandMA console. The unit is designed to perform as an independent show controller in theme parks, visitor attractions, at exhibitions and in venues where the availability of a full console is not required on a day-to-day basis. The replay unit can support 2 external monitors and has the same I/O features and storage facilities as the consoles.

The grandMA offline-editor is a free of charge PC based software application that allows grandMA users to edit and manipulate their shows without having direct access to the console. It is also possible to connect to the consoles via ethernet permitting programming and remote control from a distant location. Therefore, the offline-editor is an ideal designers remote or programming aid for use with the grandMA replay unit.

The product range of MA Lighting also includes the Scancommander, Lightcommander 12/2 and Lightcommander II lighting consoles, the MA Digital Dimmer and a range of racks and DMX accessories.